A unique organisation system and a timeless design object: Tavinea 91

With Tavinea 91 GRASS is launching a unique, comprehensive interior accessory system for drawers that is also a sensually perceptible design object. An exciting premiere for the new “Organized by GRASS” range.

Contemporary design unfolds its effects in many dimensions. A product can win us over at the first glance, the first touch, with a sound, taste or fragrance. Products that are proven to appeal to more than one of our human senses are regarded as valuable. As a rule they quickly become the favourite possessions of their owners. With Tavinea 91, GRASS has developed an organisation system for the first time that carries this contemporary, design power through to the innermost corners of a piece of furniture.

Perfect symbiosis of design, ergonomics and order

Grass Tavinea 91. Photo: Grass

The comprehensive interior accessory system was developed for drawers in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. To launch the new “Orga-

nized by GRASS” range, Tavinea 91 brings an impressive variety to furniture with a few standard elements that can be combined to modular configurations. GRASS approached this project with its customary accuracy and adheres exactly to the calculated ideal distance between the individual organisation modules – 91 millimetres. This is a new “ideal measurement” for the GRASS Global Brand Manager, Harald Klüh: “This means 91 millimetres of pure emotion,” he comments, and is sure that “Tavinea 91 provides the optimally designed space for any required order system.”

Precise structures for maximum customization

Grass Tavinea 91. Photo: Grass

The understated and revolutionary basic idea makes the new interior accessory system globally unique. The structure elements made of aluminium divide the drawers into regular compartments with a width of 91 millimetres. Inserts made of solid wood can be additionally fitted between the filigree, 4.5 mm narrow struts. They can be moved as required inside the compartments. This results in a flexible organisation system that sets standards with regard to its individual options. An additional new feature: Customers can choose between diagonal or vertical division.

Customised order – vertical or diagonal

“The diagonal organisation structure creates a completely different look,” enthuses Stefan Ambrozus, talking about Tavinea 91. The product designer and owner of Ambrozus Studio accompanied the development of the interior accessory system from the outset. He and the GRASS team agree that the arrangement of the segments at a 45° angle not only looks good but is ergonomically advantageous. Stored items can be conveniently loaded and removed, as their diagonal position means that they are particularly handy to grasp. Diagonal organisation sections also permit optimum use of the storage space.

High-quality, expertly crafted material mix

Tavinea 91 does without bulky double walls. Dimensionally stable velvet-black anti-slip mats made of extremely easy-care elastomer ensure that all loaded items remain where they should. The odour-free and food safe mats dampen any noise. Together with the aluminium structural

elements and the inserts made of naturally grained ash with a natural or black stained finish, the mats create a harmonious material mix.

Differentiation from a new perspective

For Harald Klüh, GRASS brand manager, Tavinea 91 is much more than a versatile and customisable organisation system. He mainly regards it as a convincing response to the request of furniture manufacturers, carpenters, dealers and interior designers for differentiation options: “Tavinea 91 organises furniture design. The system is installed both quickly and effectively and lets consumers feel the emotional added value of the design immediately.”

With Tavinea 91 GRASS is launching a interior dividing system that not only makes use of the available space with perfection but also opens up new dimensions for the world of international interior design. This is how vibrant organisation can be.

Source and photos: GRASS

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