Aventos HK top – the new generation of lift systems

Small stay lift for easy installation

Aventos HK top, Blum’s new lift system for stay lifts is small in dimension so it merges beautifully with cabinet interiors. Installation is easy. Either use pre-mounted system screws for industrial manufacturing or the lift mechanism itself as a mounting template.

Aventos HK top boasts small dimensions, easy installation and simple adjustment. Photo: Blum

The new Aventos HK top stay lift is less than half the size of the present Aventos HK model. Thanks to its new clean-cut design, it harmonises beautifully with cabinet interiors. Blum’s latest lift system for stay lifts is installed close to the top panel so it blends into the furniture. The newly designed, minimalist cover caps come in different colours and give great freedom of design. Consequently, Aventos HK top is suitable for a great variety of cabinets. It can be equipped with three different motion technologies: soft-close Blumotion, the Servo-Drive electric motion support system or the mechanical Tip-On opening support system. No matter what technology users opt for, Aventos HK top boasts even lower opening forces and extremely smooth motion.

Easy installation and adjustment

The Aventos HK top cover cap is available in different colours. A version with a customer logo is available upon request. Photo: Blum

Two different fixing systems make the installation of Aventos HK top quick and easy. You can either use pre-mounted system screws and pegs or chipboard screws and an integrated template. The distinctive thing about both systems is that Aventos HK top is symmetrical and can be mounted to either side of the cabinet. Just like other Aventos models, the new stay lift also offers tried and tested front adjustment ease. The Aventos HK top lift mechanism can be easily set from the front (without having to remove the cover cap). An opening angle stop with infinitely variable setting and a safety mechanism which stops the lever arm from opening unintentionally have both been integrated into the fitting.

Source: Blum

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