berbel Downline: induction hob with integrated extractor

Innovative cooktop and extractor hood

With the Downline and the Downline Compact, berbel, the manufacturer of innovative ventilation technology from Rheine in Westphalia, offers technology in a double pack.

Downline combines a modern induction hob with an integrated, powerful extractor hood and the patented berbel principle for highly effective air purification.

Ingenious technology for more user-friendliness

The induction field of the berbel cooktop extractors has an intuitive control that is located in the middle of the front edge.

Four spacious cooking zones are controlled via this control panel using sensor buttons and offer the right size for every cooking and pan format.

Downline Compact: compact technology, clear design. Photo: berbel

The practical slider can be activated with a simple tap or a slight wiping movement to control the different power levels. Various automatic modes adapt the fan power perfectly to the respective requirement during the cooking process.

In addition to heating the cooking zones, the menu button offers numerous cooking functions that make it easier to prepare various dishes.

The hob itself impresses with a completely flat surface so that the entire cooking surface can be used. The innovative ventilation in the middle of the berbel downline is equipped with a moveable Powermover.

It is held in a central position by a magnet; if you move it to the right or left, the flow-optimized detection of rising cooking fumes on the respective cooking side can be increased.

In addition, the inclined guide vanes of the inlet grille support the effective extraction of vapors and odors.

Centrifugal force

Like all berbel extractors, the bowl fans also work with the power of the centrifuge. Greases, oils, vapors, smells and moisture are sucked in with high fan output and redirected and separated inside the berbel in a double arc.

Bad smells move on. Greases, oils and moisture are deposited on the impact edges and can be easily removed there.

Cleaning is convenient because all parts of the separation unit are accessible and so easy to wipe out. The individual elements are easy to remove and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Downline Compact is also an all-rounder and equipped with the patented berbel principle. The entry-level model has a one-piece inlet grille and four cooking zones.

Innovative refinements for more comfort

And the berbel downline can do even more. The cooktop extractor is the only hob fan on the market that offers the option of connecting an external light source. This is controlled using the hob’s touch controls.

Different applications are conceivable here: above the hob, in the immediate kitchen area or below in the base as base lighting. With berbel extractor hoods, there are almost no limits to the use of individual lighting options in the kitchen.

Exhaust air or recirculating air – free choice of operating mode

With the exhaust air variant, smells and moisture are completely transported outside. In combination with the flow-optimized pipe system from berbel, the technology enables a maximum volume flow. In the recirculation variant, the large-area activated carbon in the filter adsorbs bad odors up to 97 percent.

The heat is returned to the room and is thus retained one hundred percent. With berbel extractor hoods, the activated carbon only needs to be changed every 2-3 years without changing the filter. Added value for the environment through a technology that inspires.

About berbel

Berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH is an internationally operating company based in Rheine (Germany), which has been developing, producing and selling range hood since 2001.

The headquarters of berbel in Rheine / Germany. Photo: berbel

In the kitchen industry, berbel has made a name for itself with its patented berbel principle. The berbel principle uses fat separation centrifugal force, so that no grease filter is needed. As a result, this is highly efficient and, compared to conventional systems with grease filters, enables a permanently high level of grease separation.

Innovative technology, high quality materials, in house research, extensive quality controls and creative design meet the company’s own claim “Made in Germany”.

Source and photos: berbel

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