berbel: Invisible and powerful

berbel presents the new generation of the fan module Firstline

Kitchen designs often characterized by closed furniture elements, handleless fronts, fully integrated equipment technology and accentuating puristic gripping space profiles call for a range hood that does not compete with the clear appearance.

Also here berbel has the elegant and effective solution, the fan module Firstline. Powerful technology in a reduced appearance design, which completely withdraws in the kitchen interior. It is a pure understatement in stainless steel, hidden in the kitchen design.

Planning diversity.

Thanks to its virtually invisible and flush mounting method, the powerful berbel fan module Firstline offers optimum design freedom for every kitchen design.

The new generation of the Firstline scores with a particularly energy saving EC fan motor and the innovative flat control panel. The simple keypad fits almost invisibly into the overall concept. Here, the glare-free hob illumination can be controlled with the warm white LEDs. The fan block, made entirely of stainless steel, can be easily installed in existing kitchens thanks to the Easy-Klick installation.

berbel Firstline fan module – Thanks to its almost invisible flush mounting style, the Firstline fan module offers optimum freedom of design for every kitchen. Photo: berbel

The Firstline fits into wall cabinets with a cabinet height of as much as 360 mm and a cabinet depth of 300 mm. In an isolated solution, the fan module can be hidden in an individually designed conversion module that adapts to the kitchen design.

Power at the touch of a button

The fan module Firstline brings technical excellence. Equipped with a double waste steam catcher system, it offers the highest level of air cleaning efficiency, with minimal installation depth – whether in untreated or recirculating air mode.

berbel fan module Firstline with the innovative flat control panel. The keypad fits almost invisibly into the overall design concept. Photo: berbel

Like every berbel range hood, the Firstline also stands for the most effective air purification thanks to the berbel principle: with centrifugal force without the use of performance-reducing grease filters.

About berbel

Berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH is an internationally operating company based in Rheine (Germany), which has been developing, producing and selling range hood since 2001.

The headquarters of berbel in Rheine / Germany. Photo: berbel

In the kitchen industry, berbel has made a name for itself with its patented berbel principle. The berbel principle uses fat separation centrifugal force, so that no grease filter is needed. As a result, this is highly efficient and, compared to conventional systems with grease filters, enables a permanently high level of grease separation.

Innovative technology, high quality materials, in house research, extensive quality controls and creative design meet the company’s own claim “Made in Germany”.

Source and photos: berbel

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