berbel: The kitchen as the centre of every living situation

Exhaust air or recirculated air is a question of good planning

It starts with the floor plan. Anyone who builds, moves into or remodels an apartment or house has a project that requires a lot of decisions.

The kitchen is the multifunctional centre of every living situation, so planning it requires a good sense of detail.

The arrangement of the kitchen furniture should correspond to the daily work processes and the kitchen technology used should meet the cooking demands of the residents.

As the kitchen often opens up to the living area, the extractor hood in particular must be selected very precisely.

berbel extractors offer freedom in planning
berbel island hood Glassline. Puristic design and maximum performance. The shaft height can be individually put together depending on the kitchen situation. Photo: berbel

Clean air in the kitchen and in the adjoining living areas is essential for well-being.

Extractors don‘t just have to be powerful. They still need to suck in the cooking vapours effectively even when there is draft movement in the room.

Extractors have to transport vapours fully and clean the air of odours. The decision for an extractor with recirculation or exhaust air system depends on various factors.

The kitchen planner provides comprehensive advice. Whichever system you choose, berbel extractors offer technically convincing solutions for every requirement and a maximum of design diversity.

Whether wall-mounted, built-in, ceiling lift or island hood, they all work particularly efficiently and pleasantly quietly.

Powerful exhaust air system

With an exhaust air system, room air and vapours are sucked in, freed from grease and blown out through the exhaust air pipe.

This system is particularly recommended if you cook frequently or fry intensively. Vapours and the resulting moisture are reliably removed from the cooking area.

In combination with the automatically closing and thermally insulated berbel wall box, there is no drafts or heat loss in the room even when the extractor hood is not in operation.

The exhaust air system, however, requires structural requirements, since a nearby opening in the outer wall is ideally necessary.

Environmentally friendly recirculation air system

The recirculation air system is recommended as an alternative. * Extractor hoods equipped with berbel EcoSwitch can use this hybrid function to switch between recirculated air or exhaust air operation.

Here, too, the cooking vapours are sucked in, the fats separated, then cleaned through an odour filter and returned to the room.

Activated carbon is used inside the filter to bind cooking odours. The large volume of the filters ensures that the air slowly flows past the activated carbon, leaving enough time for the charcoal to adsorb the odours.

The charcoal only needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. You cannot miss the time for this, it is reliably displayed.

The filter cartridge can still be used, which is just as environmentally friendly as the refill pack for replacing the charcoal.

Especially in the cold winter months, the recirculation air system ensures that warm room air does not escape to the outside and is therefore ideal for passive and low-energy houses.

Even when operating a fireplace or stove, the window can remain closed on cold days to save valuable energy.

Another advantage is that no core hole or recess is required for an exhaust pipe. Which is always an argument for rental apartments and old buildings.

Maintenance free permalyt® recirculation filter

In addition to recirculation filters with activated carbon, berbel also offers a maintenance free permalyt® recirculation filter.

A special activated carbon filter is automatically and repeatedly regenerated by a thermal catalysis process.

In this process, the odour molecules are released from the activated carbon and broken down into odourless components in a catalyst.

With this one-time installation, the permanent function is ensured and without any replacement of activated carbon.

About berbel

Berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH is an internationally operating company based in Rheine (Germany), which has been developing, producing and selling range hood since 2001.

The headquarters of berbel in Rheine / Germany. Photo: berbel

In the kitchen industry, berbel has made a name for itself with its patented berbel principle. The berbel principle uses fat separation centrifugal force, so that no grease filter is needed.

As a result, this is highly efficient and, compared to conventional systems with grease filters, enables a permanently high level of grease separation.

Innovative technology, high quality materials, in house research, extensive quality controls and creative design meet the company’s own claim “Made in Germany”.

Source and photos: berbel

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