BLANCO: As colourful as life

The BLANCO SITY XL 6 S made of Silgranit PuraDur, and the BLANCO VIU-S mixer tap

Add some fresh accents to your kitchen with on-trend colours – it’s fun with the Blanco Sity XL 6 S sink and the Blanco Viu-S mixer tap, which create a stunning look as a perfectly paired duo. The new Silgranit PuraDur premium sink captures the Zeitgeist with its modern design and appealing concept, which bring a real zest for life and a sense of individuality to the kitchen.

Everything about it is exceptional, as evident from the spacious drainer, which is divided into gently tiered zones and offers space both for items that need to be washed and an intuitive and secure place to stow the innovative chopping board. The XL bowl is equipped with the innovative InFino drain system.

The unique sophistication of the Sity XL 6 S really comes to the fore when it is combined with its accessories, the SityPad and SityBox. It’s easy to add a splash of colour with this range. Whether you fancy kiwi, orange, lemon or lava grey, the chopping board and bowl come in all four accent hues, bringing a bright pop of colour to urban-style kitchens.

Blanco: The SityPad chopping board, here in the lava grey accent colour, is made of flexible, high-quality plastic and can be used for multiple purposes. Photo: Blanco

What’s more, with their clever details, the accessories offer plenty of convenience, whether you’re preparing food or washing up. The SItyPad chopping board, for instance, is made of flexible, high-quality plastic and fits perfectly into the designated area of the drainer. It is temperature-resistant up to 100°C and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The narrow SityBox, made of sturdy plastic, can be hung along the side or in different places in the bowl, and has a drainage slot. This allows washed herbs, for instance, to drain in the SityBox before being shredded on the chopping board. The SityBox can also be used to drain cutlery, to give one example, and can then be carried conveniently to the drawer. Both accessories serve as practical kitchen aids even when apart from the sink.

Blanco Sity XL 6 S: Its unique sophistication comes to the fore when combined with the colourful SityPad and SityBox accessories. It’s easy to add a splash of colour with this range. The new Blanco Viu-S mixer tap is the perfect match. Photo: Blanco

The Sity XL 6 S is available in the four stunning combi-colours – anthracite, rock grey, metallic aluminium and white – allowing easy integration into modern kitchen designs. You can select the Sity accessory in an accent colour to match each of the four sink colours.

As such, the mixer tap set offers 16 enticing options to give your personal interior style that special touch. Depending on the combination, the whole set exudes a refreshing, exuberant charm, either providing striking contrasts or radiating streamlined elegance.

Blanco: You’ll be eager to get into the kitchen in the morning. The Blanco Viu-S mixer tap rounds out the Sity XL 6 S Silgranit sink design concept beautifully. The highlight feature is the hose sleeve, which matches the sink accessories exactly and positively invites you to get creative. The hose sleeve comes in all four accent colours with your delivery, so you can change it whenever you wish. Photo: Blanco

The new Blanco Viu-S mixer tap provides the perfect complement to the cutting-edge Silgranit sink design concept, with its modern aesthetic, high-gloss chrome finish and arched, flexible jet hose. The hose sleeve, which can be matched exactly to the four accent colours of the sink accessories, makes the Duo Sity/Viu that little bit more special. It also invites you to mix and match: the hose sleeve comes in all of the accent colours with your delivery, so you can change it whenever you wish.

But the Blanco Viu-S doesn’t just look good; it offers complete convenience in every respect. The swivel arm points diagonally upwards to provide a high spout that leaves more room in the sink area. The flexible spout is suspended from the swivel arm and is easy to take down when required, but can also be docked and turned to the side. The spray is focused for ease of use. The side-mounted operating level has a vertical zero position and an energy-saving cold-start function.

With its multiple options for creating custom colour combinations across the sink, accessories and kitchen mixer tap, the characterful Sity/Viu set can inject a dash of playfulness into your kitchen planning – making it as colourful as life itself.


BLANCO, based in Oberderdingen in the German federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is one of the world’s leading providers of high quality sinks and mixer taps for domestic kitchens. Germany’s largest sink company offers a comprehensive range of products and innovations, including practical waste systems and carefully matched accessories.

Headquarters of BLANCO in Oberderdingen, in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. Photo: Blanco

One of the company’s particular features is its very broad sink range. Furthermore, BLANCO produces sinks in the three market-defining materials stainless steel, Silgranit and ceramic. High quality is its ultimate aim. BLANCO’s quality philosophy has the claim of offering the best material and production quality in every single market segment. Its high quality standards also include reliability in every area such as delivery and service, as well as marketing and technical customer support.

The specialist for solutions relating to water in the kitchen is an internationally aligned group of companies with a growing number of subsidiaries and numerous distribution partners in more than 100 countries. Blanco employs 1500 employees in total. The international share of sales is 66%, and the consolidated net turnover for the business year 2017 was € 379 million.

In addition to its head office in Oberderdingen, the company has sites in Sulzfeld (production of stainless steel sinks), Sinsheim (production of Silgranit sinks), Bruchsal (logistics centre), and production facilities in Toronto (Silgranit sinks) and Istanbul (ceramic sinks). BLANCO has subsidiaries in a number of foreign countries, including the USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Source: Blanco

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