BLANCO PLEON bowl series made of Silgranit PuraDur

Lots of functions, terrific colours, timeless design

Looking good: Blanco Pleon 6 in white, combined with mixer tap Blanco Avona-S. The practical bowl rack, which is available for every model, fits easily in the bowl as an additional level. Photo: Blanco

The new premium bowl line Blanco Pleon in Silgranit PuraDur offers plenty of design freedom and flexibility. With its linear design, eye-catching corner and base radii and generous dimensions, it delights in all ten colours in the CombiColours range. There are three designs to choose from, all notable for their particularly spacious bowls with the exceptional depth of 220 mm that will meet with equal enthusiasm in a family kitchen, apartment or office kitchen.

All Pleon models are fitted with the hygienic C-overflow and the innovative InFino drain system, the modern, level design of which contributes towards the balanced effect of the bowl. Here: Blanco Pleon 5 and mixer tap Blanco Avona-S, both in tartufo. Photo: Blanco

The Blanco Pleon 6 Split has one particular trump up its sleeve: the centre rib of only 10 cm connects the main and additional bowls. This creates three functional areas that can be used separately as required: a main or additional bowl filled to the height of the centre rim, and an XL bowl filled to the overflow. Added benefit: the various capacities contribute towards a careful water consumption. Furthermore, several different work stages can be carried out together, such as washing up and draining the dishes. And if baking sheets or gratin dishes need to be washed at the end, all that is required is to add water as far as the overflow for an XL washing-up station.

The new Blanco Pleon series in Silgranit PuraDur appeals for the generous bowl capacity and linear design language. Blanco Pleon 6 Split has one particular trump up its sleeve: the rib between the main and additional bowls is lowered, creating three functional areas. The practical, bow-shaped mixer Blanco Carena-S in the Silgranit/chrome look completes the highly flexible preparation and washing-up zone. Photo: Blanco

Various practical accessories are optionally available for all three models, Blanco Pleon 5, Pleon 6 and Pleon 6 Split. For instance, the elegant ash compound chopping board, the hang-in multifunctional colander in stainless steel, or the practical bowl rack can be used to create a user-friendly preparation zone in moments. Clever details such as the innovative InFino drain system and the concealed hygienic C-Coverflow complete this exclusive line. Very many of the mixer taps in the Blanco range are available in the Silgranit look, and are perfect for combining with Pleon.

The high-quality Silgranit bowls can be fitted into any worktop material. Attractive colours, carefully matched to long-term furniture and worktop trends, mean they can be matched precisely to the kitchen environment. And last, but by no means least, Pleon delights – like every other Silgranit sink – for the extraordinary ease of use, durability and pleasant stony-silky feel.

Source: Blanco

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