Blum fittings solutions for handle-less furniture throughout the home

1-3-4 – 1 theme, 3 applications, 4 motion technologies and a wide array of possibilities

Users want handle-less furniture throughout the home. Blum’s innovative fittings solutions bring supreme convenience to modern living worlds. Photo: Blum

Hoechst, Austria – May 2015. Handle-less furniture is the ongoing trend – for your kitchen and entire home. Austrian fittings specialist Blum offers 3 applications (lift system, hinges and pull-outs) and 4 motion technologies (Blumotion, Tip-On, Servo-Drive and the new Tip-On Blumotion) to produce countless solutions on the theme of HANDLE-LESS furniture. Blum’s wide product range gives you the right solution for every application and brings function and ease-of-use to handle-less furniture.

4 motion technologies. There’s the right motion technology for every application. The photo shows Tip-On Blumotion – an inspiring combination of one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing with Blumotion. Photo: Blum


Extensive surfaces, straight-cut designs and handle-less fronts – these are the latest furniture trends. And Blum’s innovative fittings solutions for wall cabinets and base units guarantee supreme user convenience despite minimalist designs. Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers a wide range of hinge, pull-out and lift systems that come in various models to give you the right fitting for almost every application. The solutions can be combined with different motion technologies, for example with a mechanical or electric support system (depending on the degree of convenience desired) so that handle-less fronts open at a single touch. And they close again softly and effortlessly with Blum’s tried and tested soft-close Blumotion.


Utmost convenience with mechanical or electric support system

3 applications. Thanks to Blum fittings, lift systems, doors and pull-outs can be implemented in various designs to suit the application and users’ needs. Photo: Blum

Blum’s Tip-On mechanical opening support system gives you easy one-touch opening for handle-less stay lifts, doors and pull-outs. The company’s latest motion technology by the name of Tip-On Blumotion combines the mechanical opening support system with tried and tested soft-close Blumotion. For supreme user ease opt for Servo-Drive, the electric motion support system by Blum. Thanks to Servo-Drive, lift systems open at a single touch and close again at the press of a switch. The system brings the same user convenience to handle-less drawers and pull-outs – also made of wood. What is special is that Blum now also offers the electric motion support system for one-off applications. For example, the company has a NEW Servo-Drive solution for fridge/freezers and dishwashers, and the electric motion support system can also be used for lift systems and waste pull-outs which are in frequent use. In other words, utmost opening ease for handle-less fronts throughout the kitchen!

Handle-less kitchens are still very much in trend. A wide range of fittings solutions by Blum offers tried and tested user convenience. Photo: Blum

Source: Blum

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