Blum – large range of applications for hinges with integrated soft close

Clip top Blumotion, the innovative hinge solution by Blum, has all the components needed for soft and effortless closing integrated into the hinge. The hinge comes in a wide range of types (now also with an opening angle of 107°) to offer the right solution for every door.

NEW! The Clip top Blumotion 107° hinge with a boss drilling depth of 11.5 mm. Photo: Blum

The latest design trends show fittings solutions that are simple and inconspicuous. Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum meets these requirements with the Clip top Blumotion hinge programme with integrated soft close for a wide range of cabinet applications.

Angled applications from +50° to -50° are also possible with Blum hinges with integrated soft close. Photo: Blum

If the doors are smaller or lighter, you can simply switch off the soft-close Blumotion feature. This means that all doors – regardless of size, weight and closing speed – always close softly and effortlessly.


Large range – lots of possibilities

The tried and tested Clip top Blumotion standard 110° hinge. Photo: Blum

The Clip top Blumotion programme now also comprises the 107° hinge in addition to the standard 110° hinge for door depths of approx. 24 mm and profile door, blind corner, angled and alu frame hinges.

Another application for Clip top Blumotion – e.g. thicker profile doors with a door depth of up to 30 mm. Photo: Blum

The new model optimally rounds off the existing programme. Technically impressive with a boss drilling depth of just 11.5 mm, it can be used for door depths from 15 mm. Installing cabinet doors is as simple as ever: tool-free attachment with Blum’s tried and tested Clip mechanism. No changes have been made to mounting plates so existing plates can be used. Proven 3-dimensional adjustment technology is also an integral feature of the new hinge model.

The hinge programme with integrated soft close also comprises blind corner hinges. Photo: Blum

Source: Blum

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