Blum – new colours and design options for box systems

Legrabox and Tandembox provide even greater creative scope for design

  • Comprehensive range with great scope for design and differentiation
  • New colours and design options for Tandembox and Legrabox by Blum
  • New technical optimisations make Tandembox into state-of-the-art box system
Even more design options: Legrabox is now also available in matt polar silver. Photo: Blum

Hoechst, Austria – May 2017. Austrian manufacturer of fittings, Blum, offers a convincing overall package, for the company has just launched new colours and additional design options for both Tandembox and Legrabox, giving customers countless possibilities for design and individualisation. In addition, Tandembox has been optimised and given a further technical upgrade.

The new T design drawer side in titanium grey gives Tandembox users even more scope for design. Photo: Blum

Manufacturers who use Blum’s Tandembox will be delighted that the pull-out system now offers even more scope for design and possibilities to stand out from competitors. Thanks to technical optimisations, Blum’s state-of-the-art Tandembox, which comes in three different lines plus, antaro and intivo, has an even better opening feel and a feather-light glide. But that’s not all. Tandembox also has a new design option, the T design. The sleek and straight-cut drawer side is available for intivo and antaro. In addition, a new colour, titanium grey has been added to the existing colour options: silk white, matt orion grey and stainless steel. In other words, Blum offers a wide range of design possibilities.

New design options with Legrabox

Different colours and materials can be used for Legrabox thanks to the two-shell concept. The outer drawer side can also be printed for even more individualised solutions. Photo: Blum

Blum’s elegant box system has straight and slim sides giving it a minimalist and clear-cut look. Customers who have Legrabox (pure or free) in their product range will be glad to hear that the box system now provides even greater creative scope for design. Legrabox now comes in an additional new colour, matt polar silver, and the inside and outside of the drawer side can have a different look: they can be different colours or different materials. For even more individualised solutions, logos or writing can be printed on drawer sides to meet customers’ wishes. Thanks to Tandembox and Legrabox, Blum’s box systems deliver endless design possibilities – for all living areas.

Tandembox (antaro line in the photo) now has an even better opening feel and enhanced running characteristics. Photo: Blum
Legrabox’s new two-shell concept won an award for top product quality at interzum 2017. Photo: Blum

Source: Blum

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