BLUM: new solutions for thin furniture fronts

Thin furniture fronts – Blum provides the right fitting.

Full range fastening system for doors, pull-outs and selected flaps.

Furniture with thin fronts is the latest trend. The Austrian manufacturer of fittings Blum was the first supplier to develop a full range fastening system for thin fronts for flaps, door and pull-out applications. The new solutions can help to build very special pieces of furniture.

For thin door fronts as small as 8 mm: the new Clip top Blumotion hinge with Expando T, the clever mounting system. Photo: Blum

Blum is the first hardware manufacturer to offer a universal fastening system for thin-framed applications – doors, drawer fronts and selected flaps. Different materials, such as chipboard, HPL or ceramic, in impressively thin versions from just 8 mm are currently very popular. Blum has now developed a suitable solution for this design trend: the innovative Expando T fastening system. This allows cabinet builders to easily implement their furniture ideas in line with the current design trend, stand out even more, or offer their customers individual pieces of furniture within their product range.

Easy installation: drill, insert and tighten
Thin fronts supporting the slim design of LegraboxExpando T makes it possible with the same mounting position. Photo: Blum

The basis of the new Blum fastening system for thin fronts is Expando T. Tie-downs are made of steel for firm hold in hard front materials, while soft materials ensure that the plastic jaws are secure. Expando T is mounted in a 10 mm diameter hole with a drilling depth of only 6 mm. The fastening system can be used throughout doors, pull-outs and selected flaps. With Clip top Blumotion for thin doors there are further advantages for the furniture producers. The new attachment eliminates the cup drilling, and the standard mounting plate can be used at the existing mounting position. The Blumotion damper is integrated in the hinge. Also, the cabinet does not need to be adjusted. Expando T impresses with its proven function and the usual quality from Blum.

Selected types of Aventos flap system can also be mounted with the fastening system Expando T – convenient with the unchanged mounting position. Photo: Blum

Source: Blum

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