Blum optimises tried and tested pull-out system

All three Tandembox lines given technical upgrade

Tandembox – here the antaro line – now has an even better opening feel. Photo: Blum
  • Smaller opening force and even smoother transition to feather-light glide
  • Improved quality through further development of drawer side and front fixing mechanism
  • Optimised feather-light glide thanks to refined interaction between drawer side and cabinet profile

Hoechst, Austria – October 2015. Blum has further optimised its tried and tested box system that consists of three different programme lines. Tandembox plus, antaro and intivo now have an even better opening feel, are extremely stable and boast even smoother running action.

The runner technology has been refined so that all programme lines boast a supreme feather-light glide. Photo: Blum

Blum’s Tandembox pull-out system has proven its worth for many years and has offered plenty of scope for the design of furniture interiors thanks to its different programme lines. Specific optimisations have now been made to enhance the functionality and convenience of the pull-out system in everyday use. Tandembox now has an ever better opening feel. In other words, Blum has reduced the opening force and further improved the transition to the feather-light glide so that pull-outs and drawers open with ultimate ease. In addition, further developments to the drawer side and front fixing mechanism have greatly improved box stability. Last but not least, the runner technology has been further refined to optimise Tandembox’s feather-light glide.

ONE pull-out system, THREE programme lines – a popular and proven product

The drawer side and front fixing mechanism have been further developed to improve box stability. Photo: Blum

Blum’s tried and tested Tandembox pull-out system comes in three different lines: Tandembox plus with a round gallery, Tandembox antaro with a rectangular gallery and Tandembox intivo with design elements of various materials. Tandembox is a top quality product that boasts state-of-the-art technology and offers plenty of scope for design.

In keeping with Blum’s philosophy of developing new solutions on the basis of existing fittings, Tandembox has been consistently extended with new programme lines, and has undergone ongoing technical optimisation and further development.

As a result, the tried and tested pull-out system can now be combined with all of Blum’s solutions for enhanced opening and closing ease. This not only brings utmost user convenience to kitchens but to living areas throughout the home – specifically to handle-less furniture that is currently very much in vogue.

Source: Blum

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