BLUM: the 4 most important movement technologies

  • For comfortable opening and closing of furniture fronts, with or without handles
  • Mechanical or electrical, but also combinable
  • The right movement technology for every application
4 movement technologies and many possibilities

Blum products create a lot of comfort in a wide variety of furniture trends

Handle-less kitchens are still very much in trend. Proven comfort brings a wide range of fitting solutions from Blum. Photo: Blum

The Austrian furniture fittings specialist Blum supports a multitude of furniture trends and design ideas with its 4 movement technologies Blumotion, Servo Drive, Tip-On Blumotion and Tip-On. Whether mechanically or electrically supported – for every application and handle situation Blum has the right movement technology.

Innovative furniture fittings from Blum ensure that the comfort in everyday life is not neglected, especially on large, wide fronts. The hinge, pull-out and flap systems of the Austrian hardware manufacturer are available in numerous versions and in a wide program width for almost every installation situation. Depending on the desired comfort – either on a mechanical or electrical basis – provide various movement support for easy opening by gently tapping the front, whether with or without handles. The proven Blumotion damping system from Blum ensures gentle closing. The big advantage: No matter what version – the furniture maker selects the desired movement technology according to the application or preference of his customer.

Mechanical or electric, but always comfortable
Flaps, doors and pull-outs can be realized with Blum in different design variants – tailored to the needs of the furniture user and the respective installation situation. Photo: Blum

With Blum’s Tip-On, Blum’s mechanical opening support, flap doors, doors and pull-outs open effortlessly by lightly tapping the front. Tip-On Blumotion, Blum’s latest motion technology, combines mechanical opening support with the proven Blumotion function. Even more comfort is provided by Servo-Drive, the electric movement support from Blum. Flaps can be opened by lightly tapping and conveniently closed electrically by applying pressure to a wireless switch.

4 movement technologies: There is the right movement technology for every application, here Tip-On Blumotion, the fascinating combination of pleasant opening by tapping with gentle and quiet closing. Photo: Blum

Drawers and pull-outs – also made of wood – can be opened just as comfortably. With Tip-On Blumotion and Servo-Drive, opening works reliably: no matter if you tap or pull on the handle – the function is always retained. Another special feature: Blum also offers the electrical version as comfortable individual applications. These can be very installed, e. g. in refrigerators / freezers and dishwashers, but also in flaps in the wall unit and in often used garbage extract.


Julius Blum GmbH is a global family business specializing in the manufacture and sale of furniture fittings. The main product groups are flap, hinge and pull-out systems for furniture, mainly in kitchens. For added convenience, furniture makers can combine Blum hardware with mechanical and electrical motion technologies. Numerous e-services support customers and partners along the value chain. The company has seven plants in Vorarlberg (Austria), production sites in Poland, Brazil and the USA, as well as 29 subsidiaries and representative offices worldwide. The delivery is made to industrial furniture manufacturers and through hardware dealers to craftsmen in over 120 countries.

Source: Blum

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