Blumotion S – one runner, many possibilities

For combination with different motion technologies by Blum

  • Blum is an innovative partner offering motion technologies for different convenience levels
  • Blumotion S can be combined with 3 different Blum motion technologies
  • Slim product range because it can be used for Legrabox or Movento
Combine Blum’s motion technologies as required to bring enhanced user convenience to kitchens – and to living areas throughout the home. Photo: Blum

Blum offers four motion technologies and consequently the right solution for every level of user convenience. The range, however, remains slim – thanks to the new Blumotion S runner which is compatible with two different product categories.

The different motion technologies offered by the Austrian fittings manufacturer give cabinet makers and industrial manufacturers plenty of scope for design and differentiation. Yet Blum is keen to ensure that its range is manageable. Consequently, the company now offers a single runner – Blumotion S – for three different motion technologies: Blumotion, Servo-Drive and Tip-On Blumotion. What is more, the runner provides the full range of functions and is compatible with two different product categories, i.e. a single runner for the Legrabox box system and a single runner for the Movento runner system. No matter whether you opt for the electric or mechanical opening support system, Blum’s various motion technologies give you the right solution for every living area and every convenience level.

Getting the right mix

4 for more – Blum’s four motion technologies give you the flexibility to accommodate your customers’ individual requirements. Photo: Blum

With four Blum motion technologies (and different convenience levels) to choose from, you are sure to find the right solution for every application and living area. Blum’s motion technologies can be easily combined as required. Blumotion ensures that pull-outs, wall cabinets and doors close softly and effortlessly. Furniture equipped with the Servo-Drive electric motion support system glides open at a single touch – as if by itself (which is particularly handy for waste pull-outs). Tip-On Blumotion gives you mechanical one-touch opening and soft and effortless closing. And the doors of tall cabinets equipped with Tip-On will open with ease at a single touch. You can mix and combine Blum’s motion technologies as you like to bring enhanced convenience to kitchens – and to other living areas throughout the home. The level of convenience you choose depends on users’ needs. In other words, you can tailor solutions to meet requirements.

Three different motion technologies can be implemented with the new Blumotion S runner – with Legrabox or Movento. Photo: Blum

Julius Blum GmbH is a family-owned company that operates worldwide, specialising in the manufacture and distribution of furniture fittings. Its main product groups are lift, hinge and pull-out systems for furniture, predominantly in kitchens. The company has seven plants in Vorarlberg, Austria, production sites in Poland, Brazil and the USA and 28 subsidiaries and representative offices around the world. The company delivers to furniture manufacturers and authorised dealers in more than 120 countries.

Source: Blum

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