Blum’s new Legrabox box system – Experience elegance

This new box system boasts a sleek and clear-cut design and has already won several international design awards. It now also comes with the matching Ambia-Line inner dividing system.

Blum’s new Legrabox box system boasts a sleek, straight-cut look and a minimalist design. Photo: Blum

To meet the latest trends and the demands for diversity of design in furniture, Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has developed Legrabox, a new box system with a sleek and straight-cut design. The innovation comes in two lines: Legrabox pure with metal sides to produce a uniform look and Legrabox free with large design elements of various materials. The interior can be organised with Ambia-Line, an inner dividing system that has been especially developed to go with the new box design.


New design and high-quality motion

Compact programme: Ambia-Line comprises versatile frames for a wide range of applications. Photo: Blum

The drawer sides are slim and straight (inside and outside) to produce a streamlined look. The elegance of LEGRABOX is underlined by its sleek, straight-cut design and by materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and matt coatings in various colours. The individualised branding of the drawer side is an integral part of the design: either reserved or bold. Blum has developed a new runner system to deliver a particularly high quality of motion.

A key design element: The new Legrabox box system has accent lines to accentuate its clear-cut design. Photo: Blum

The box system excels in terms of technical features such as a synchronised feather-light glide for an even smoother running action and dynamic load bearing capacities of 40 and 70 kilograms. Tried and tested soft-close Blumotion ensures that Legrabox closes softly and effortlessly. Blum’s existing Servo-Drive (electric) and Tip-On (mechanical) opening systems provide enhanced opening ease.

Elegant box system with a multitude of possibilities

Individualised branding is an integral part of the design – either reserved or bold. Photo: Blum

All Legrabox components are coordinated in terms of material, design and colour. This ensures that the box system always has a high-quality look. No matter whether drawer or inner drawer, high fronted pull-out or inner pull-out – the new solution can be used for all applications and can be employed throughout the home.

Impressively slim: The sides of Legrabox are just 12.8 mm thick and fit harmoniously into every piece of furniture. Photo: Blum

The design of Legrabox has caught the eye and has won several international design awards, the last being the “interzum award: intelligent material & design 2013” for Legrabox free.  

Organisation at its best

Frames that are a combination of steel and selected wood decors in Bardolino oak, Nebraska oak and Tennessee walnut. Photo: Blum

Ambia-Line is the inner dividing system that has been specially designed to go with Legrabox. There are two programme lines.  The first consists of epoxy coated steel frames in various colours so that drawers and interiors merge into one. The second is a combination of steel and selected wood decors, allowing users to set accents in furniture interiors. Well-thought-out details such as a magnet for attachment to the back of pull-outs or to the sides of other frames make handling simple and intuitive.

Epoxy coated steel frames in matt silk white, matt Orion grey and matt terra black. Photo: Blum

interzum award: intelligent material & design 2013 for Legrabox free

Source: Blum

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