Cabloxx, single locking system for Blum pull-out systems

Standard Blum components can be assembled as usual

Convenient addition to the product range – Cabloxx, the system-independent locking system by Blum. Photo: Blum

Austrian fittings specialist Blum now offers a locking system to extend the applications of its box and runner systems. The addition to its product range is a system-independent solution for locking drawers and pull-outs. For manufacturers, it means quick and simple procurement from a single source.

  • Cabloxx, single locking system for all box and runner systems by Blum
  • Can be adapted to cabinet dimensions
  • Can be combined with different motion technologies

Some drawers and pull-outs simply have to be locked in home offices, shops and labs, as do cabinets with cleaning agents in kitchens and medicine cupboards in bathrooms. Austrian fittings specialist Blum has developed a new locking system by the name of Cabloxx which can be used for all its box and runner systems. The single system can also be combined with all of Blum’s motion technologies – for one-touch (electric or mechanical) opening ease and for soft and effortless closing.


Quick and easy assembly

The lock case is mounted to the front and the locking bar fitted into a groove in the cabinet side. The locking units on the bar ensure that the pull-out is securely locked. The locking lever on the lock case withstands forces of up to 350 Newton. If it breaks, insurance companies will accept it as proof of breaking and entering. The system-independent solution is suitable for all Tandembox lines, for Legrabox with straight sides and for Movento and Tandem runners for wooden drawers. Thanks to the use of existing standard components by Blum, the new locking system gives you coherent design and the usual assembly and adjustment ease. No changes need be made to drawers or pull-outs. Blum’s locking system is available as a complete set for standard cabinets, or as a flexible system that can be cut to length and adapted to Blum’s various pull-out systems. Thanks to a high compensation of tolerances, the locking system allows you to make any height, side or depth adjustment needed. The product range does not include the lock itself.

Source: Blum

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