Häfele: New extremely small and extremely strong flap fitting

Digital connection of modern living worlds

Häfele answers the exciting questions of our time at interzum 2019 in Cologne. With digital networking, innovative furniture technology and holistic solutions, the company is re-experiencing its own claim to “think ahead” at the exhibition stand in Hall 7.1, C 040. How easily the smart world of furniture industry and craft can be realized with the Häfele assortment and the many new products becomes visible.

Premiere at Interzum: A novelty in the Häfele Free range – an innovative, extremely small and strong flap fitting. Photo: Häfele

“Smart furniture meets smart home” – what two years ago at Interzum was more of a dream of the future, is now made easy with the Häfele Connect[READ MORE]

Häfele: Design Your Life with Light

SICAM 2018: Häfele Loox lighting system: Design – Functionality – Inspiration

At the SICAM in Pordenone, Häfele was demonstrating how furniture and rooms can be transformed by intelligent use of light in the furniture, how they can be adapted to the current needs and wishes of the users, the time of day, your rhythm of work and even life itself, and how many different kitchens can be conjured up from one kitchen in the blink of an eye. Cleverly networked, pre-installed scenarios which can be called up at the push of a button are playing an increasingly important part.

Trade fair première at the Sicam in Pordenone – the completely maintenance free, battery-less Häfele BLE radio wall switch. It can

Häfele Loox: Door opener for smart living

Häfele takes a big trip with Loox

Light in furniture: On site with the training mobile

Häfele takes lighting know-how directly to its customers with the Loox mobile, building on decades of tradition. The first “mobile exhibition” went on tour in 1966, in order to present new hardware solutions to the many joiner/cabinet maker customers in Germany and abroad in a time-saving manner, directly on site. Training and exhibition buses are now used worldwide.

The mobile training room of the Loox mobile offers space for creative ideas and practical learning. Photo: Häfele

The demand for lighting in furniture has developed extremely well. Häfele has become the market leader with its Loox products and has made a name for itself with


Häfele: the new multi-dimensional bathroom mirror wins Gold

Häfele: Gold for multi-dimensional bathroom mirror

“The fairest of them all”

The Häfele bathroom mirror enchants! Users in their own four walls as well as the guests in the hotel and the readers of the renowned industry magazine, Top Hotel.

Häfele bathroom mirror. The multidimensional mirror by Häfele transforms bathrooms into wellness oases in the blink of an eye. Photo: Häfele

Every year, Germany’s most widely-acclaimed hotel trade magazine honours the best products for the hotel industry and the achievements of the hotel supply industry with the Top Hotel Star Award competition, which is chosen by readers: Following the Gold 2017 award for the Häfele Smart Phone key in the “Flexibility” category and Silver 2013 for the Häfele hotel room … [READ MORE]

Häfele: Experience the Future

Holz-Handwerk: Success together with Häfele as a partner

Experience the Future – Acquire Security

Häfele, the traditional top dog at the Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg, is putting the emphasis on partnership at its appearance on booth 318 in hall 10.1, making it possible to experience the future with Smart Home and Micro Living, and presenting a multitude of new products which will make the transition to the digital world of furniture easier for joiners and interior designers and provide them with security for the future.

At home in modern kitchens: As a standalone device, the Häfele PurePlasma air purifier provides uncompromisingly clean and odourless air in the kitchen, for example. Photo: Häfele

The innovations will be presented at live demonstrations and … [READ MORE]

Häfele: One Room, one Face – one Style

Intergastra highlight: International hotel assortment from Häfele

The Häfele Group for hardware technology and electronic access control systems has put together a globally available assortment for target group-oriented hotel room furnishing consisting of more than 200 products. The highlights of this product range will be on show on trade fair booth 4E51 in hall 4 at the Intergastra from 3 rd to 7 th February in Stuttgart under the motto “One Room, one Face – one Style”. The specialist for hardware technology and electronic access control systems is also emphasising its international 360° comprehensive project solutions with the presentation of a digital room design.

One Room, one Face – one Style. Häfele creates the optimum prerequisites for target group-oriented equipping

Häfele Connect – Door opener for new worlds

Lighting, sound and Smart Home join forces

The Loox LED lighting system from Häfele provides the right atmosphere in any ambience, also with regard to sound in furniture and now for controlling other functions in the room with the Häfele Connect app. Photo: Häfele

Light, sound and Smart Home have become a best seller in the furniture business. The Loox LED lighting system from Häfele and its comprehensive range of sound and entertainment components have brought these worlds together. Together with Häfele Connect, it has become the door opener for Smart Homes. The BLE box for intuitive control of furniture lighting and electrically operated fitting creates future-oriented Smart Home experiences using a convenient, intuitive app. The Loox drivers are … [READ MORE]

Furniture technology – A holistic view

SICAM 2017 – Häfele: “More life per square metre” performance show for multi-functional furnishings

The SICAM in Pordenone is traditionally one of the most important international performance shows for Häfele. In the interzum year of 2017, the specialist for hardware technology and electronic access control systems is bringing the most important topics and new products that were exhibited in Cologne and the further developments thereof to Pordenone. With this and the new web presence of Häfele Italy which recently went live, the company is demonstrating its performance capability as an innovator and service provider. You can see all of this at the trade fair booth in Hall 2, Booth A10/B11.

With an update of many products and the Häfele

Interzum Review 2017 – Perfect appearance and a full house at Häfele in Cologne

Impressive visions and innovations

Häfele booth at the interzum in Cologne. Photo: Häfele

With a successful appearance at the interzum in Cologne, Häfele convinced the specialist world and received an incredibly positive response to the forward-looking topics and new products that were exhibited. The team on the booth enjoyed a full house with international flair right from the start. Häfele rode the wave generated by the record number of exhibitors and visitors, harmonised visions and innovations, and gave people a great deal to think about. The hardware technology specialist thought ahead in its motto of “More life per square metre”, and turned furniture technology into something that could be experienced in its entirety on the trade fair booth. However, the … [READ MORE]

Additional aesthetics with the 3 mm shelf support

The Häfele connector range – comprehensive furniture expertise

The 3 mm shelf support with the Häfele logo makes a visual statement with its slimline design and efficient material distribution. Photo: Häfele

Häfele has the comprehensive product range and know-how about connecting fittings in furniture which has built up over decades. With innovative products which have been developed and produced in-house, the company revolutionises the rational manufacturing of all types of furnishings. Minifix, Maxifix and Rafix are three of the most well-known RTA connectors for the furniture industry. Billions of these fittings set standards, and hold furniture together all over the world. Nothing should interfere with the joy of a beautiful, high-quality furniture item – certainly not the sight of its … [READ MORE]

High-tech for furniture flaps

Light-weight Free flap H 1.5: High-tech for furniture flaps

Equipped with the convenient multi-position stop function, the Free flap 1.5 can be used with flaps weighing up to 5.5 kg – and up to 11 kg for two-sided applications. Photo: Häfele

With its new Free flap H 1.5 Häfele has taken the trending popularity of flap fittings for kitchen wall units to another level entirely. The highly economical Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting features an innovative material mix in which high-tech, efficient installation and attractive design blend as a successful symbiosis.

The fittings developed and produced according to German standards at our own production plant in Hungary are characterised by the ultimate ease of use and functionality. Under


Häfele drawer system: Moovit now becomes Moovit MX

Top design, convenience and easiness

For the interior organisation of Moovit drawer systems from Häfele, there are railing and separator systems made of diverse materials and for a host of applications. Photo: Häfele

With Moovit, Häfele has been providing an innovative drawer side system for a wide range of applications for many years now, one that has become an all-rounder worldwide. Based on a new design, the familiar Moovit will now become Moovit MX, offering even greater user convenience and even greater installation efficiency. This conversion will not present the slightest hitch for the furniture fabricator, since in terms of processing everything will remain just as before. Like its predecessor, the high-grade drawer system features modularity, and with its extended … [READ MORE]

Light and sound in furniture from a single source

Plug and play – it couldn’t be easier

Simple elegance and homogeneous light output are the most important features of the Loox LED 3022 recess mounted light/surface mounted downlight. Its flat design makes creative application solutions possible. Photo: Häfele

Light and sound in furniture has become a major selling point. The third generation of the Loox LED lighting system from Häfele and its comprehensive range of sound and entertainment components allow both worlds to blend with each other. The Loox drivers act as the perfect interface in these products. The numerous new LED lights and sound system components are easy to connect using these. The modular system components are the perfect combination, and installation is child’s play and contactless using … [READ MORE]

The better office from the joiner

Häfele: Officys table base system individuality through diversity

Drawer systems made easy, with original accessories for the Officys table base system from Häfele. Photo: Häfele

Top functionality, contemporary design and modern materials – the new Officys table base system from Häfele has all of this and much more. It can be configured individually thanks to its modular design, and can be assembled in no time. The versatile and creative system provides an attractive modular kit for the individual setting up of workplaces in modern offices.

Thanks to the modular design, the new Officys table bases from Häfele are individually configurable to the extreme, and fitted in a flash. Photo: Häfele

The new table base for computer screen workstations features … [READ MORE]

Trendy sliding solutions in the kitchen

Silent Aluflex 80 aluminium frame system from Häfele.

Hidden kitchen. Silent Aluflex 80. Photo: Häfele

Made-to-measure sliding solutions you can create room-high cabinets with sliding doors at both sides or classic room dividers for convertible living rooms with integrated visible or concealed kitchens can be created as required with the Silent Aluflex 80 aluminium frame range. For design purists there is also a top-running “suspended” sliding door version.

Silent Aluflex 80 – Storage space between kitchen and dining area

Hidden kitchen integrated into the living room. The kitchen can be easily hidden behind the beautiful sliding panels. Silent Aluflex 80. Photo: Häfele

The combination of the aluminium frame system and a floor-to-ceiling cabinet provides room for more storage space. Both


New from Häfele: Slido Classic sliding door systems now available

Easily scalable thanks to modular design

Häfele Slido Classic 35. Photo: Häfele

Häfele is providing the furniture industry and joiners/cabinet makers with a comprehensive range of sliding doors made from wood, glass, or with an aluminium frame and an almost unlimited range of design options with the Slido sliding door fittings. The Slido Classic 35 VF S and Slido Classic 50 VF S Vorfront fittings that were introduced as prototypes at interzum 2015 are now also available on the market. Both fitting systems are developed, manufactured and LGA tested in accordance with DIN 15706, i.e. “German Quality”, by Häfele Weco in Velbert, Germany.

Together with the Slido Classic 70VFA that was successfully introduced earlier, Häfele has completed this product family … [READ MORE]

Häfele’s innovative Sound-Edition – invisibly installed

More cooking with sound

Häfele Soundsets. Photo: Häfele

As a full range provider with special expertise for the specialist kitchen trade, Häfele offers its partners many advantages. Here, you can find the entire world of furniture fittings, including Loox LED light and sound at a glance, from the basic configuration to the most convenient and exquisite accessories. Häfele has more than 40,000 room and kitchen-related items in stock. An updated follow-up to the well-known special kitchen catalogue will be sent to specialist dealers shortly. The innovative Sound-Edition from Häfele is cutting edge, consisting of three sound sets which can be retrofitted easily and installed invisibly. In combination with a package for sales support, it equips the kitchen trade with trendy … [READ MORE]

Häfele kitchen vacuum for plinths: putting storage space to good use

Guzzler for the floor

Häfele Sweepovac kitchen vacuum for plinths. Photo: Häfele

Unused storage space behind the plinth panel doesn’t need to be the case. Häfele has now had a clever idea for making extremely meaningful use of spare room at floor level. The new stationary kitchen vacuum for plinths disappears behind the panelling. It is a powerful glutton, and guzzles everything that lands on the floor when working in the kitchen – and as we know, this is usually quite a lot. In order to get rid of the garbage comfortably, you do not need to bend down. A toe-poke suffices, and if necessary you can also assist with the broom. The conventional vacuum cleaner is not required for … [READ MORE]

Häfele Free flap fitting family

The new freedom in movement

Häfele Free fold. Photo: Häfele
  • Häfele introduces the new Free flap family
  • All of the most popular types of opening for flaps on wall units are covered
  • Free flap fittings are slimmer, lighter and simpler

Häfele brings new freedom in movement with the Free flap fitting family. All Free flap fittings are available on the market now. It doesn’t matter whether a flap opens mechanically or electrically, or whether it is lifted, tilted, swivelled or folded – it immediately provides added value to any furniture item. And last but not least more efficiency when working. Flaps also provide more options in the visual and technical design of furniture, and have tangible benefits compared to hinged … [READ MORE]