Design carried through in the drawer

AvanTech with perfectly designed interior organisation system

The AvanTech drawer system from Hettich thrills with award winning design in its most purist of forms. Without visible plastic parts or screws, it sets a design benchmark behind the front panel. For the AvanTech drawer’s unique aesthetic appeal to unfurl its full impact in everyday use, Hettich offers an attractive range of interior organisation elements. Balanced with drawer interior and guaranteed to provide a tidy look, it makes a pleasure of keeping everything neatly in its place.

OrgaTray 260 for drawers and OrgaStore 260 for pot-and-pan drawers include numerous organisational elements that can be combined with magnets for practical flexibility. There are so many different configurations catering to any need and application, whether at home or in the contract segment. The quality combination of wood finish and steel profiles powder coated in drawer side colour does a skilful job of making impressive statements inside furniture. Complementing this, the anti-slip mat ensures a secure hold, and gives the various elements a common thread.

OrgaTray 260: neatly organises all sorts of small items in the bathroom. Photo: Hettich

Hettich shows commitment to an appreciation for natural authenticity with OrgaTray 230 for drawers and OrgaStore 230 for pot-and-pan drawers. Both systems are available in solid walnut and oak, creating an exciting, warm contrast with the AvanTech drawer side profile.

Everything in its place in the kitchen with OrgaTray 260 and OrgaStore 260. Photo: Hettich

The organisational elements from OrgaTray 260 are arranged on thin wooden base panels. This produces the attractive look of an uninterrupted wooden base and makes child’s play of arranging elements in any preferred way. OrgaStore 230 brings tidy organisation to the pot-and-pan drawer with boxes and dividing elements. Easily cut to size, a perforated bottom panel provides the basis for countless organisational layouts.

OrgaStore 230 meets any specific demand on neat, tidy storage. Photo: Hettich

All systems work on the modular principle. Just a few parts positioned wherever chosen let you organise drawers in any width. With little stock variance, it’s possible to offer a tempting range of interior organisation options to cover every need. Involving little effort, this opens up additional potential for boosting sales while providing attractive sales points for talks with clients.

OrgaTray 230: the natural radiance of solid wood expertly combined with purist elegance. Photo: Hettich

Source and photos: Hettich

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