Differentiation made easy: Optical and functional makeover for “Tandem solo”

With Kesseböhmer’s “Tandem solo” storage fitting, opening the door automatically draws the fitting and all the contents out in front of the cabinet. Users get a full view from three sides and easy access to all the contents. At the Interzum 2017, Kesseböhmer will be showcasing interesting new features for this successful storage fitting. The favourable cost/benefit ratio offers even consumers on a limited budget the advantages of more user-friendly operation and a high-end look. The updated “Tandem solo” also offers kitchen manufacturers extra options for differentiation and customization.

With the new “Arena select“ trays, Kesseböhmer has created trendsetting pairings of wood and metal. The tray design has been developed for use not only in the “Tandem solo” but also in the classic “Tandem” and in the “Convoy” family of storage pull-outs. The Customizing tray starts with a basic tray with a low metal edging which can be either plated in bright chrome or powder-coated in the trend colour anthracite. The chipboard base panel has an anthracite décor layer. Like all other “Arena” trays, the bottom panel is bonded seamlessly with the railing, for looks and very high load-bearing capacity. A frame made of attractive, high-quality solid wood, made by Rockenhausen, is dropped into the metal edging. The choice of wood is either ash stained black or natural oak. The new “Arena select” trays harmonize perfectly with the material mix and colour lines of the “FineLine (MosaiQ)” range of organizer elements supplied by the Kesseböhmer partner company Rockenhausen.

Kesseböhmer Tandem solo. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Reducing noise in the kitchen has long been a high priority. One aspect of this is the super-quiet opening and closing of cabinet doors and pull-outs. Kesseböhmer has had many successes in this area and in response to consumer demand for quieter home environments, the company is now launching a special new noise reduction package for the “Tandem solo”. The central element is the “SoftSTOPPpro”, a Kesseböhmer exclusive opening damping which gently brakes even a fully loaded storage unit as it reaches the end position of its opening movement. Opening damping is offered as an option and it can be retrofitted in the “Tandem solo”. Another noise reduction measure is the use of rubber buffers in the control levers, which makes both opening and closing noticeably quieter.

Kesseböhmer Tandem solo. Photo: Kesseböhmer

In addition to developing new products, Kesseböhmer puts a high priority on continuous onward improvement to details of existing products. For example, the door connector for the “Tandem solo” has been redesigned. The standard connector is now made of chrome-plated round wire, which looks more delicate and elegant. The redesigned fixed crosspiece also contributes to the overall harmonious and contemporary look.


Kesseböhmer Tandem solo. Photo: Kesseböhmer
As an internationally active company group in the metal-processing industry, Kesseböhmer is one of the most successful suppliers to the furniture industry worldwide. Founded in 1954, Kesseböhmer today operates seven production plants in Germany with further plants in Aschach/Austria and Budapest/Hungary. The product portfolio covers fittings systems for the kitchen and mobile home industries, ergonomic systems for office furniture, shopfitting and retail display systems and automotive components. In 2016, the family-run company group with 2550 employees generated sales of around 478 million euros.
Kesseböhmer Tandem solo. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Source: Kesseböhmer

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