“Focusing on light”: GERA Leuchten at the interzum 2017

GERA Leuchten will also be showing lighting systems that are suitable for kitchen designs without wall units at the interzum. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The way people design their homes is subject to an ongoing change process. Currently, the borders between the functions of the different rooms in our homes are becoming increasingly blurred. The concentration of people in densely populated urban areas calls for furniture and room designs that are flexible and use space efficiently. GERA Leuchten is responding to these developments with the new products the company will launch at the interzum 2017.

“Focusing on light” is the motto of the company’s trade show display this year, and more generally, its product philosophy: “GERA Leuchten focuses on the light and not on the lamp,” says GERA Leuchten product manager and designer Thomas Ritt. “Light needs a source. It must be capable of changing flexibly to adapt to different living situations, such as everyday family life and working, cooking and socialising.” GERA Leuchten designs its lighting systems on the basis of this principle. They are functional, timeless and elegant, and focus on what matters: the light. All systems are characterised by an excellent light quality, constructed in a way that ensures the light is non-glaring and can be adapted to the respective mood or daylight quality as required.

“Beyond offering a high light quality, our products are designed in a way that allows them to adapt to the customer’s requirements,” says GERA Leuchten CEO Hening Pölitz. “All of our products are based on a building block principle. On our production lines and in the adjacent workshops, we can configure our lighting to meet almost all individual customer requirements.”

Thanks to these characteristics, the lighting systems can be integrated into a wide variety of room concepts – and always fulfil several functions: Lighting structures a room and is a design element; the lighting furniture and the furniture with integrated lighting fulfil the function of a piece of furniture and also provide storage and shelf space.

At the interzum 2017, GERA Leuchten will introduce two new products that are archetypical for the company’s philosophy and match the changed way in which we use living spaces with well-thought-out solutions.

Decorative lighting with shelf function: The new under-cabinet light

The new light system LS2P3 as a wall light with matching accessories. Photo: GERA Leuchten

“Our approach of combining the functions of lighting and shelf space is perfect for modern kitchens,” says Thomas Ritt, GERA Leuchten product manager and designer, about the new under-cabinet light, which will be shown for the first time at the interzum 2017. As functional wall units are increasingly banned from the kitchen and smells and grease are extracted directly at the cooker by means of built-in downdraft extractors, a new place has to be found for the classic under-cabinet lighting previously positioned below wall-mounted cabinets or the cooker hood. “Our new under-cabinet light is designed in a way that makes it possible to position it either directly below a wall-mounted cabinet or, alternatively, wall-mounted in kitchens without wall units, which creates additional storage space in the form of a shelf,” says Thomas Ritt. The new lighting system emits light upwards and downwards when wall-mounted, and downwards only if it is cabinet-mounted. This new product is a further development of the company’s lighting system 2 and offers flexible design options: the length of the system is fully variable, it is 170mm deep and 60mm high. The lighting system can also be fitted with power points and a USB port, if required. It can also be used in more ways, thanks to optionally available simple wooden frame elements that screw into the groove. Visually, they also perfectly match the streamlined design of the lighting system.

All supply components, i.e. the transformer and the controls, are already integrated into the light. The new system is supplied ready to be connected to a 230V power supply. The under-cabinet light weighs very little and offers both interior designers and also kitchen manufacturers a versatile solution that allows flexible kitchen planning – plus, they can rely on the fact that it is of the same high quality as all GERA Leuchten products.

Focused: The new GERA Leuchten spotlights

The new light system LS2P3 as a wall light with matching accessories. Photo: GERA Leuchten

This year’s trade fair motto not only refers to the product philosophy of GERA Leuchten, which puts the focus on the light – it also literally refers to the second new product: Integrated, focused lights in the form of classic spotlights represent a logical and consistent further development of the product portfolio. “Our architectural design approach results in light sources where the focus is not on the lamp as such. We work with the light they produce,” says Thomas Ritt GERA Leuchten product manager and designer. “In the kitchen, spotlights are more popular than ordinary lights. This has motivated us to transfer our light source design expertise to spotlights.” The spotlights, which are available in a round and a square version, boast the company’s typical elegant, streamlined design and are characterised above all by the extremely homogenous light they provide. They have a fitting diameter of 68mm and a fitting depth of only 9mm, and are therefore extremely flush fitting as they can be inset into chipboards that are 16mm+ thick. They come in a choice of finishes, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and black-brown. There are also several options in terms of light colour: Customers opting for these spotlights can choose between a warm or a neutral white light. With the aid of an optionally available control unit, the customers can later flexibly select one of these two shades of white light. The spotlights have an output of 200 lumens.

“With these new developments, we are introducing two product versions that are perfect for the interzum,” says GERA Leuchten CEO Hening Pölitz. “Furniture manufacturers can upgrade their products with these spotlight solutions as obviously, they are of the same high quality as our other products. The spotlights make it possible to light up a room in a very homogenous yet also non-glaring way.”

The GERA Leuchten company

GERA Leuchten’s new spotlight solutions. Photo: GERA Leuchten

On the basis of its comprehensive lighting design, furniture construction and electrical engineering expertise, the GERA Leuchten company, which is based in Thuringia in Germany, develops furniture concepts that are unique and a market first in this combination with the respective lighting technology.

With its characteristic lighting furniture, the company is exploring a totally innovative product category that always has a dual interior design and functional purpose through the combination of lighting with light projection. The design of the individual products is the result of applying the dimensional system of a generic product family. Formal severity, design simplicity, authenticity and logic are brought together to result in products with a style that is characterised by timeless, functional shapes.

All products of course also meet the highest quality standards as they are “Made in Germany”. The manufacturing process is ISO certified, and GERA employs only qualified staff.

Source: GERA Leuchten

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