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Professional kitchen for the home

With Franke’s PureSteel worktops, the professional kitchen finds its way into one’s own four walls. The high-quality stainless steel plates are enormously robust and available in several attractive surface variants.

It is not without reason that stainless steel surfaces are standard in professional kitchens. The material is extremely hard-wearing, absolutely hygienic, easy to clean and insensitive to rapid temperature changes. In addition, stainless steel absorbs no odors and also against discoloration such as tomato sauce, red wine or tea, the material is resistant. In the private kitchen, the individual stainless steel worktop is therefore becoming increasingly popular.

The timeless material classic Franke PureSteel worktop fits harmoniously into every kitchen style and can be harmoniously combined with different materials. Photo: Franke GmbH

Franke offers high-quality PureSteel worktops in thicknesses of 4, 6 and 8 millimeters and a length of up to 3.90 m: each as a custom-made product – tailored exactly to the individual wishes of the customer and welded directly to the sink. The solid plate is placed on the base so that the impression arises that it would float. In combination with the matching stainless steel sinks and fittings, this creates a very aesthetic design language in the kitchen.

Stainless steel worktops from Franke

The Franke PureSteel countertops are extremely heat-resistant and insensitive to rapid temperature changes. Photo: Franke GmbH

Franke offers the robust stainless steel plates in six surface variants, including the exclusive Franke “PearlFinish”. The transparent finish creates a warm look and makes the stainless steel plate water and dirt repellent, even fingerprints have no chance. The PureSteel worktop is hard chromed for the classy shimmering “Diamond Finish”. This makes them scratch-resistant and even easier to clean. The smoothed surface with “CrystalFinish” ensures a homogeneous look, the matt “NatureFinish” reminds of the trendy concrete look. Semi-matt and slightly reflective, the plate shows the classic “BandFinish”.

About the Franke GmbH
Due to its non-porous surface, stainless steel is absolutely hygienic and extremely easy to clean. Liquids are not absorbed, dirt can not settle, germs do not even penetrate and contaminate the material. Photo: Franke GmbH

In 1931, the success story of Franke Kitchen Systems – today the world’s largest sink manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fittings, waste separation systems and extractor hoods – began with the production of the first stainless steel sink units. Franke GmbH, the German production and distribution company of the Kitchen Systems division, is based in Bad Säckingen and employs more than 250 people. Since 1955 stainless steel sinks have been developed, manufactured and shipped together with practical accessories all over the world.

About the Franke Group
Franke undercounter sinks made of stainless steel can be joined seamlessly to a homogeneous surface with the PureSteel plate. This looks elegant and convinces in daily use: liquids or crumbs are wiped directly into the sink. Photo: Franke GmbH

Franke is part of the Artemis Group and is a leading global provider of household kitchen solutions and equipment, the private bathroom, semi-residential / public wash rooms, the professional system catering and the coffee preparation. The Franke Group has a global presence and employs around 9,000 people in 40 countries, generating sales of around CHF 2.1 billion.

Source and photos: FRANKE

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