FRANKE: New patented filter technology

New filter tap Franke Vital – Fresh, clear and tasty

In house4kitchen 2019, Franke presented the first filter tap with the Franke Clear Water Capsule System under the motto “Ready Steady Drink”.

Thanks to the new patented filter technology and an extremely small filter capsule, it dispenses tasty and healthy drinking water directly from the filter into the glass.

Franke launches three Vital models of fittings: the “2 in 1” solutions with a classic fixed spout or as a trendy Semi Pro version and a compact Vital Top version as a standalone mixer exclusively for filtered water.

Patented filter system
The new Franke Vital is planned in the color variants chrome / gun metal and black / stainless steel look. Photo: Franke GmbH

The Franke Clear Water Capsule filter stands for quality and performance “Made in Switzerland” and is the first system of its kind that combines an activated carbon filter with a bionic membrane technology.

In a multi-stage filtering process, more than 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, microplastics, rust, chlorine, odors, pesticides and drug residues are reliably removed from the tap water.

For this purpose, an extremely fine-pored pre-filter first removes all major dirt particles from the water.

In the second step, bacteria and microplastics are removed through the bionic 0.06 mm thin membrane using nanotechnology.

Finally, the activated carbon filter ensures that dissolved impurities such as chlorine as well as the last odors and flavorings are separated from the drinking water.

As a result, the water not only tastes better but is also much healthier.

As it flows directly from the fitting directly into the glass, maximum product safety and hygiene are guaranteed.

Sustainable space miracle
Franke: the new Franke Vital filter tap features the Franke Clear Water Capsule Filter, the first system of its kind that combines an activated carbon filter with a bionic membrane technology. Photo: Franke GmbH

The handy filter capsule sits directly in a separate outlet of the tap and is only 7 cm high and 3.3 cm wide.

Other installations, for example in the base cabinet, are not necessary – the space can be used for other purposes, such as an optional Franke cooling unit to make the tap water even cooler and more refreshing. At just under 20 cm wide, it is one of the smallest cabinet refrigerators on the market.

Franke Vital: The extremely small filter capsule is sufficient for 500 liters of filtered water and is integrated into the tap so that the water flows directly from the filter into the glass. Photo: Franke GmbH

An integrated filter saturation indicator signals the consumer in good time that a filter change is pending. This succeeds quickly and effortlessly without tools.

Despite its compact dimensions, the filter capsule is sufficient for 500 liters of filtered water. This eliminates the tedious transport of water bottles and at the same time saves money.

The filter capsule consists mainly of plastic-free material and can be disposed of with household waste – this reduces recyclable waste to an absolute minimum.

Three models to choose from
Franke Vital: The “2-in-1 solution” with separate outlets for filtered and unfiltered tap water. Photo: Franke GmbH

The Franke Vital is available in different designs and colors.

As a “2 in 1” solution, it delivers filtered and unfiltered tap water from two separate outlets – ensuring 100% hygienic separation. The unfiltered water can be obtained either from a high fixed spout or a semi-professional pull-out spout.

The third stand-alone version only delivers filtered water. Vital is available in the trendy color variants chrome / gun metal and black matt / stainless steel look.

Franke Vital: A filter saturation indicator indicates when the filter change is necessary. Photo: Franke GmbH
About the Franke Group

Franke is part of the Artemis Group and is a leading global provider of household kitchen solutions and equipment, the private bathroom, semi-residential / public wash rooms, the professional system catering and the coffee preparation.

The Franke Group has a global presence and employs around 9,000 people in 40 countries, generating sales of around CHF 2.1 billion.

State-of-the-art Franke production plant for colored plastic sinks in Slovakia. Photo: Franke GmbH

Source and photos: FRANKE

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