FRANKE: With the Box Center, all kitchen helpers are always at hand

Sink and kitchen accessories as a shapely unit

Franke has developed the new Franke Box Center under the slogan “Organization perfected”. It is a clever organizing system that combines the sink and kitchen accessories into a compact, shapely unit. The special thing about it: The most important kitchen helpers, which are needed for the preparation of meals, are always at hand directly at the sink.

In a well-organized kitchen, each handle sits. Franke believes that the better the kitchen components are matched, the smoother the daily processes will be. The more comfort they offer, the more pleasant the kitchen work. The new Franke Box Center takes up this philosophy and perfects it in the sink area. So the most important kitchen accessories, which are needed for the preparation of meals, are always at hand at the sink.

The accessories of the new Franke Box Center consist of a drip tray, knife block, chopping boards and dish drainer. Photo: Franke GmbH

With a width of 860 mm, the Franke Box Center is an extremely compact solution. It fits into any classic 90 cm wide base cabinet and can easily be retrofitted.

The construction of the Franke Box Center is well thought out: in addition to the large stainless steel sink, there is a second, narrower basin with cover. In the so-called night mode, ie when no kitchen work takes place at the Box Center, the accessories – consisting of a drip tray, knife block, chopping boards and dish drainer – are stowed invisibly in the smaller bowl of the stainless steel sink to save space. In day mode, only the kitchen gadgets that are needed for preparing food can be removed. This gives the user a temporary opportunity to create a work surface with chopping boards and draining basins above the large basin: the main basin is transformed into an additional working surface in no time at all.

Franke Box Center: In the night mode, so if no kitchen work takes place at the sink, the accessories are neatly stowed in the smaller pool and only the knife handles are still visible. Photo: Franke GmbH

A patented push-button next to the Franke Box Center on the dashboard makes it possible to drain the water from the sink without getting your hands wet. During installation, the position of the valve and the push button can be freely selected. The installation is quick and easy thanks to the installation variants “SlimTop” and “Flush-mounting”.

Franke Box Center: For example, the main basin can be converted into an additional work surface with a cutting board in the twinkling of an eye. Photo: Franke GmbH

The Franke Box Center is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates the smooth operation of the kitchen – from preparation to cooking and cleaning. And if you do not cook, everything is safe, hygienic and invisible. The novelty convinces with its shapely design down to the last detail, which visually enhances the kitchen sink. This can be seen, for example, in the perfectly rounded cap of the drain.

Product design and functionality also convinced the independent “LifeCare” initiative to honor the Franke Box Center with the “Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2019” consumer award for highly recommended products.

About the Franke GmbH

In 1931, the success story of Franke Kitchen Systems – today the world’s largest sink manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fittings, waste separation systems and extractor hoods – began with the production of the first stainless steel sink units. Franke GmbH, the German production and distribution company of the Kitchen Systems division, is based in Bad Säckingen and employs more than 250 people. Since 1955 stainless steel sinks have been developed, manufactured and shipped together with practical accessories all over the world.

About the Franke Group

Franke is part of the Artemis Group and is a leading global provider of household kitchen solutions and equipment, the private bathroom, semi-residential / public wash rooms, the professional system catering and the coffee preparation. The Franke Group has a global presence and employs around 9,000 people in 40 countries, generating sales of around CHF 2.1 billion.

Source: FRANKE

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