Front panels, units and fittings form a harmonious whole

Many kitchens open onto living areas, so it is more important than ever before to choose the right materials and surfaces for the kitchen. With Fioro, users can have outstanding design on the inside of their kitchen and living room furniture too. Fioro shelves have already won several awards. Their solid oak, glass or aluminium rails blend seamlessly with wooden front panels and a broad palette of colours.

peka Fioro kitchen anthrazit. Photo: Peka

Thanks to Fioro, there are no more limits on creativity in kitchen design. Fioro shelves are crafted from a single piece of top-quality coated sheet metal, ingeniously combined with railing inserts to make for an eye-catching effect. Users can choose to pair the shelves with railings made of solid oak, which are the perfect complement to wooden front panels and warm colours, or, alternatively, they may opt for glass, compact laminates, aluminium, or any other material.

peka Extendo wooden boxes. Photo: Peka

The pull-out shelf’s neat, precise joins showcase its high production quality, while its slim walls give it a sleek, modern twist reminiscent of contemporary architectural trends. The railing inserts and coordinating non-slip mats can easily be removed for cleaning.

Award-winning design

peka corner solution Magic Corner Comfort. Photo: Peka

Fioro pull-out shelves are designed for units between 150 and 900 mm wide. When developing the line, Swiss manufacturer peka paid special attention to ensuring the product would have a long life. Sandra Weber Blättler, Deputy CEO, explains: “Fioro’s simple, understated design gives it a timeless appearance and the shelves stand out through the quality and precision of their manufacturing.

peka larder unit pull-out Standard. Photo: Peka

Moreover, the materials can be combined in different ways to create a whole new look.” Fioro’s design quality soon drew the eye of leading international design experts: so far, 2017 has seen Fioro net a Reddot Design Award and an IF Design Award. On top of that, Fioro was awarded the Best of the Best quality label in the Intelligent Material & Design category of the Interzum Design Award 2017.

Awards for Fioro:

peka – Swiss solutions with a global reputation

peka larder unit pull-out Extendo. Photo: Peka

Swiss firm peka has been developing and manufacturing pull-outs and complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry for over 50 years. Based in Mosen, on the shores of Lake Hallwil, the company has grown to become one of the world’s top market providers of larder unit pull-outs, slide-out corner systems and ecologically designed waste sorting systems. Its numerous international patents stand testament to its ingenuity. peka’s product range comprises over 800 items. The company employs around 130 people and sells its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

peka Fioro smoked glass. Photo: Peka

Source: peka

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