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„GERA’s strength is generated through a clear identity, the
special and characteristic capacity to unite light and furniture.“
Hening Pölitz, Owner of GERA Leuchten

GERA light shelf 200. Photo: GERA Leuchten
NEW: GERA light system 2P3

The success of the light system 2P3 lies in its variability. The horizontal profile is a bearing element in the double sense of the word. It is used as an under-unit or wall light; when used as a wall light, the top side acts as a shelf for utensils in the bathroom or kitchen. The GERA light shelf 2P3 can be obtained in various lengths and colours, and can be equipped with sockets and additional clip-on accessories.

In this way, it is possible to install an individually appropriate configuration in any place of installation, just as with a modular system. Its filigree, matter of fact appearance gives the system a high recognition factor; its variability already begins with its possibilities for application as a pure profile with illumination and load-bearing functions. Modern, timeless design and high-quality processing ensure that the light system 2P3 will have a long product lifetime.

GERA light system 2P3. Technical Information: Profile 6 x 60 mm, 200 cm long, Dark brown, aluminium or stainless steel coloured finish. General uplight; bright, dimmed, warm or cool downlight; setting can be selected via remote control. Accessoires such as power sockets, wooden shelves and coat hooks can be positioned anywhere. Photo: GERA Leuchten
GERA light shelf 100 / 200 / 300

Purist design and an unusually high degree of functionality are united in the
sophisticated GERA light shelves, which are orientated strictly on the wishes and needs of their users. The integrated ScanAndLight function measures the ambient light and each individual lamp, and thus permits adjustment to existing light sources. Using this microelectronic regulation of the LED colour components, a consistently adapting light climate is generated which is always perceived as natural by the observer.

GERA light shelf 100. Technical Information: Available in three widths: 100, 199 and 298 cm, each 35 cm deep, 184 cm high. Surfaces aluminium colour or anodised black-brown, shelves satined glass 8 mm, adjustable from warm white to cold white. Colour adaptation: adjustable throughout the entire colour spectrum, dimmable. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The GERA light shelf displays its design powers to particular effect in small rooms. The shelf can create a flowing transition between different areas such as offices, living and eating areas or also a swimming bath and sauna. The load-bearing and light-giving function provide the GERA light shelf with its unique character.

Thomas Ritt, Product Manager and freelance designer at GERA Leuchten, describes the product as “a timeless, fine shelf system designed to bear loads, onto which colour is bestowed not through paint, but rather through light, and which can be perfectly integrated into a room due to its stage-setting properties”. The shelf characterises the atmosphere of the room and becomes the core of every illumination concept – thus reflecting the GERA product philosophy of furnishing with light.

Wall shelves, sideboards and the GERA light shelves represent emblems of the high design standards placed on GERA light furniture: side shelf sections and load-bearing shelves appeal to design aesthetes with their palpable reduction. The special benefit of this pared-down use of sophisticated materials is revealed as soon as the inner LED technology is activated: the furniture becomes a light source; a lamp, with the additional benefit of being a shelf. And the minimalist design approach with the furniture open to the sides assists the distribution of the light in any room in which the shelf is set up. The perception of the light furniture as a shelf decreases. The radiated, individually adapted light enlivens the room and illuminates areas facing away from room lights or daylight. It envelopes and gently stages the objects stored and presented on the shelves in its warm light. Selected objects and everyday artefacts are placed centre stage.

The GERA light shelf is 1840 mm high and 350 mm deep. It is available in three standard widths. The popular design with glass shelves is supplemented by a variation with light oak shelves, which generates a cosy ambience. In combination with the high-quality frame made from brushed aluminium, both variations are characterised by formal strictness and design simplicity which can integrate itself into every living environment.

GERA light shelf Q40

Light is also designated as the fourth dimension of architecture. Natural light and light from illuminants design rooms. The light shelves by GERA Leuchten are characterised by the innovative double function of light and load-bearing. The latest member of the light shelf family is the Q40, and is a specialist for especially difficult room situations. The individual light furniture is particularly suitable for areas lacking in light: through targeted light control, room corners, decentralised niches and corridors can be fitted with a targeted brightening effect from the compact light furniture so that they are almost as light as areas close to windows, so that unpopular and unattractive shadow zones simply disappear.

GERA light shelf Q40. Technical Information: Available in three heights: 157, 195 and 233 cm, stand space 38.1 x 40.1 cm. Surfaces aluminium-coloured or anodised black-brown, shelves satined glass 8 mm, adjustable from warm white to cold white. Colour adaptation: adjustable throughout the entire colour spectrum, dimmable. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The light shelf Q40 creates this balancing effect in two ways. The adaptation possibilities via white adaptation to daylight situations and the compact shelf function supplement each other to create a timeless, architectural piece of furniture capable of enlivening and functionally developing room areas.

“The extremely compact light shelf Q40 has all the technical features of our large light shelves. In accordance with our product philosophy of furnishing with light, the Q40 offers the possibility to remedy interior architectural problems and to redevelop neglected areas”, says Thomas Ritt, Product Manager and freelance designer at GERA Leuchten.

GERA sideboard 100 / 200

The integration of the LED illuminant into the filigree design of the sideboard unites two significant functions. The functional benefits of the furniture – storing objects and presenting them – is extended by an aesthetic dimension. Special objects, from small sculptures right up to the vase, are staged through the illuminated areas; the room atmosphere is enlivened and influenced in a positive manner.

GERA sideboard 200. Technical Information: Available in two widths: 100 and 199 cm, each 35 cm deep and 80 cm high. Surfaces aluminium-coloured or anodised black-brown, shelves satined glass 8 mm, adjustable from warm white to cold white. Colour adaptation: adjustable throughout the entire colour spectrum, dimmable. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The Gera sideboard is available in a 100 or 200 centimetre-wide design which is 35 cm deep each. The material mix of wood, glass and anodised aluminium combines with the integrated light technology to form a pure, timeless piece of light furniture which unites the optical lightness of the sideboard with its architectural context.

GERA wall shelf 100

The innovative unification of light and furniture: the wall shelf 100 emphasises the horizontals in its architectural stringency. The elegant impression of an apparently weightless body is supported through the velvety-white light reflection. The wallmounted shelf is a light source which can bear high loads and which is able to design the atmosphere of a room. The wall shelf 100 is open at the sides so that light can spill out unhindered. The illusion of a daylight source is almost perfect. Colourful mood lighting from the translucent glass shelves and the satin-finished glass rear wall flow softly onto the surrounding wall areas. The picturesque, poetic light moods can be individually adapted using a dimmer.

GERA wall shelf 100. Technical Information: Available in 100 cm width, 34.8 cm deep, 41 cm high. Surfaces aluminium-coloured or anodised black-brown, shelves with satin-finished glass 8 mm, adjustable from warm white to cold white. Colour adaptation: adjustable throughout the entire colour spectrum, dimmable. Photo: GERA Leuchten
GERA pendant light 40 x 10

A suspended profile which almost seems to disappear when the LEDs are switched on. The low space requirements of contemporary light technology provide new possibilities of design for designers, and the formal reduction of the product to the absolute minimum sets a horizontal exclamation mark: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, over the dining room or desk. With its extremely narrow profile and the inconspicuous power supply line, the GERA pendant light 40 x 10 appears very lightweight in spite of its impressive light emission. Customers can stipulate their desired length, which offers them absolute freedom of planning and means that this lamp can also be used as a pendant light over tables and bar counters, as a niche lamp in a kitchen or as a mirror lamp in a bathroom.

GERA pendant light 40×10. Technical Information: Available in lengths from 90 to max. 400 cm, surfaces aluminium-coloured, stainless steel-coloured or anodised black-brown, dimmable via sensor switch, cable length of suspension adjustable from 20 to 250 cm. Photo: GERA Leuchten
GERA standard lamp Avion

Architecture as role model: Modern design lives from renunciation; balanced proportions; reticent and sensitively-handled surfaces unite to form a design unit. This logical and calm appearance is represented by the GERA standard lamp Avion, the reflected, dimmable light from which creates moments which can be perceived with the senses. With its daylight-like light, this 150 or 180 cm-high wall washer also illuminates areas which can hardly be reached by sunlight or which have no light at all. Like all GERA
lamps, Avion is ideal for staging a niche, room corner or wall without pushing its way into the limelight.

GERA standard lamp Avion. Technical Information: Available in heights of 150 and 180 cm. Surface aluminium-coloured or anodised black-brown, white adaptation: adjustable from warm white to cold white, dimmable. Photo: GERA Leuchten

“The curved cross-section of the aluminium profile is reminiscent of a wing or a loadbearing surface”, says Thomas Ritt, Product Manager and freelance designer at GERA Leuchten regarding the language of form of the standard lamp, the profile of which can also be used for pendant and wall lights designed to be hung horizontally.

The GERA Leuchten company

With its comprehensive know-how concerning light design, furniture construction and electrical engineering, the Thüringen company GERA Leuchten develops furniture concepts which, combined with their appropriate light technology, are unique on the market. Furnishing with light is the product philosophy behind the brand.

GERA niche rail. Photo: GERA Leuchten

With its characteristic light furniture, the company is opening up an innovative new product category due to which an interior architectural double benefit is offered through the linking of illumination and load-bearing functions. The design of the individual products arises from the dimensional system of a superordinate product family. Formal strictness, design simplicity, authenticity and logic unite to form products, the style of which is characterised by timeless, functional shapes.

All our products fulfil the highest quality standards and bear the quality seal Made in Germany. This is ensured by the ISO-certified manufacturing process and our high quality GERA employees.

Source: GERA Leuchten

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