GERA Leuchten: The different functional zones of an apartment merge

GERA lights: new products for 2020

The world is changing and with it the way people design their living space.

One of the most obvious developments is the increase in open floor plans.

The different functional zones of an apartment merge. Kitchen, living and dining room become one.

This opening also changes the kitchen architecture: wall units are disappearing, storage space, cooking and sink areas are increasingly being planned as islands.

Dump fans extracting downwards detach the extractor hood.

These changes in living space design also bring with them new requirements and possibilities for lighting: island experiences.

The island experience
GERA Leuchten: The 2P3 lighting system is also multifunctional. Photo: GERA Leuchten

If the hung furniture is painted during planning, the storage space becomes scarcer and with the wall cupboards space for lighting is lost at the same time.

Nevertheless, space is created that can be used differently. In addition, the different areas in open floor plans require specific lighting situations.

While good lighting is required in the kitchen, lighting that can serve the relaxation factor is usually desired in the living area.

Light furniture
GERA Leuchten combine several functions with the light bridge: It is a design element, a light source and offers space for placing everyday items. Photo: GERA Leuchten

GERA Leuchten is responding to these demands with its new products: “Light furniture is a central part of our portfolio,” says designer Thomas Ritt, who designs the products for GERA Leuchten.

“Light and functionality merge into one unit, with which users can flexibly design rooms. The simple and timeless design always withdraws and forms the stage for the objects placed on or in it. ”

With the new light bridge, the light box and the 2P3 lighting system, GERA Leuchten offers three planning options for island environments that respond to the zeitgeist and at the same time bring the timeless virtues of GERA lights: a minimalist design, a clear architectural structure and high flexibility.

Light bridge: for new kitchen architectures
GERA Leuchten: The success of the 2P3 lighting system lies in its variability. Photo: GERA Leuchten

Kitchen islands are an integral part of modern kitchen architecture.

They are as much a room divider as a connecting element between kitchen and living.

Extractor hoods are increasingly being replaced by trough fans on these islands.

If, at the same time, wall units are dispensed with in order to adapt the kitchen to the living space, there is a lack of storage space.

At the same time, new, unused space is created.

GERA Leuchten combines several functions with the light bridge: It is a design element, a light source and offers space for placing everyday items.

The light bridge is a further development of lighting systems 6 and was first presented as a prototype at interzum 2019.

It is offered standing on the kitchen island or suspended from the ceiling.

The shelf consists of a polished glass plate through which the light is refracted up and down.

Cooking utensils can be stored on the LichtBank, and cooking aids such as whisks, sieves, soup ladles or wooden spoons can also be hung below the shelf.

“With the light bridge, we have developed a serving piece of furniture that combines multifunctionality with design,” says Thomas Ritt.

Light box: minimalism with maximum effect
GERA Leuchten: The light bridge is based on light system 6. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The light box is a piece of light furniture that connects the kitchen and living room.

It is based on the minimalist structure of lighting system 4: a rectangular frame with LED lights integrated in the black aluminum profiles at the front and rear.

Thanks to the sawn aluminum profiles, which are connected to each other via corner profiles, the system is very light and can have its effect anywhere in the home.

“We design our products so that they can be used individually and are not restricted to a specific functional area,” says Thomas Ritt.

The light box also shows this in another property: a glass shelf is embedded in the profiles.

This serves as a footprint and enables the light box to be used to stage certain objects.

On the one hand, the light illuminates the back wall, very brightly and indirectly. At the same time, the precious items in the light box are illuminated from the front.

Whether vases, sculptures or a bouquet of flowers – every object is staged.

What is to be staged is up to the user – in addition to its function as light furniture, the light box is a projection surface that the user plays on.

The light box is offered hanging on the wall – and can thus be installed above kitchen units, where it provides pleasant, very bright and at the same time indirect work light.

The light box is available in the dimensions 600 x 350 x 350 and 900 x 350 x 350 mm.

GERA lighting system 2P3: light with footprint
GERA Leuchten lighting systems 2P3, hallway. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The 2P3 lighting system is also multifunctional. The success of the 2P3 lighting system lies in its variability.

The horizontal profile is a double element. It is used as a base or wall lamp; when used as a wall lamp, the top offers space for utensils in the bathroom and kitchen.

The GERA lighting system 2P3 is available in individual lengths and three colors, can be equipped with sockets and additional accessories for hanging.

It is thus possible to install the individually suitable configuration at each installation location with the systems – like a modular system.

The filigree, functional and functional appearance gives the luminaires a high level of interior design relevance.

What light does: create an island

Morning mood on the North Sea islands, dusk on the Mediterranean Sea off Sicily – the light on islands has a special magic.

And it makes people feel good. Transferring this feel-good element to living is a task that GERA Leuchten is committed to.

The influence of light on human well-being has long been known.

Improper lighting can make you sick, while well-designed lighting can brighten your mood.

“Biological light” is the key word. This form of lighting is preferably adapted to the neuronal processes in the human brain.

It changes individually and also over the course of a day. It is warm and indirect, but provides enough light where it is needed.

With LED technology and white and color adaptation, the lights and light furniture from GERA lights can be used to implement a variety of smart lighting designs – and create islands.

Because uniformly illuminated rooms are perceived as monotonous. For a light architecture to feel good, it is therefore advisable to create islands of light.

News from the company: the light forum
GERA Leuchten: The light box is a piece of light furniture that connects the kitchen and living room. Photo: GERA Leuchten

In autumn 2019, GERA Leuchten created a new contact point for everyone interested in modern lighting design at its headquarters in St. Gangloff.

The 1,200 square meter light forum shows the effect that luminaires and light furniture in a minimalist design can have on the room architecture.

In addition to the exhibition areas, the new building houses sales, the warehouse for the online shop, conference and training rooms as well as an integrated kitchen and an outdoor grill for events – and thus also fulfills its intended function as a meeting place.

GERA Leuchten: The light box is based on the minimalist structure of the lighting system 6: a rectangular frame with LED lights integrated in the black aluminum profiles at the front and rear. Photo: GERA Leuchten

“The lighting forum is not just about showing products,” says Hening Pölitz, owner and managing director of GERA Leuchten.

“We want to show who we are and what we stand for – we want to give the GERA Leuchten brand a home.

We know from experience that new partners would like to get to know the companies with which they would like to work in the future. The new lighting forum provides the perfect basis for this. ”

About GERA Leuchten

On the basis of its comprehensive lighting design, furniture construction and electrical engineering expertise, the GERA Leuchten company, which is based in Thuringia in Germany, develops furniture concepts that are unique and a market first in this combination with the respective lighting

With its characteristic lighting furniture, the company is exploring a totally innovative product category that always has a dual interior design and functional purpose through the combination of lighting with light projection.

The design of the individual products is the result of the dimensional system of a generic product family.

Formal severity, design simplicity, authenticity and logic are brought together to create products with a style that is characterised by timeless, functional designs.

GERA Leuchten presented at the interzum 2019 exclusively new products on the minimalistic designed booth. Photo: GERA Leuchten

Of course, all products also meet the highest quality standards as they are “made in Germany”.

The manufacturing process is ISO certified, and GERA employs only qualified staff.

Source and photos: GERA Leuchten

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