GERA Leuchten: It was not a part of the plan to work at the dining table

GERA lights: put the home office in the right light

In the Corona period, home offices are part of everyday work for many employees. Thanks to digitization and networking, many tasks can be carried out in the home office or from the kitchen table.

This development will certainly continue even after the current time, which people spend more in their own four walls, because flexible working was a trend even before this special situation.

This also means that more attention should be paid to the design of the home office.

Ergonomics of workplace design
GERA Leuchten: Wall Light GLS6. Photo: GERA Leuchten

While great advances have been made in the office, at the official workplace, in terms of ergonomics and comfortable, health-promoting workplace design in recent decades, the home is often furnished according to completely different criteria – design, convenience, and space saving are decisive factors here.

However, it is rarely part of the planning to work at the dining table for eight hours a day.

In addition to seating, lighting is an important factor – and GERA Leuchten, with its lights and light furniture, has products in its portfolio that bring two components together: a simple, minimalist design that can easily fit into many living environments, and a lighting that is flexible and In addition to a homely atmosphere, it also creates a pleasant working atmosphere.

GERA pendant lamp
GERA Leuchten: pendant light 10×40 V2. Photo: GERA Leuchten

The GERA pendant light 10×40 V2, for example, provides so much light with its double row of particularly powerful white LEDs that the light can be ideally used as workplace lighting.

After the work is done, the light intensity can be dimmed – and a completely different atmosphere is created. The transition between work and leisure can be designed using light control, which is particularly important with open floor plans, where rooms are used several times.

And the GERA pendant lamp, which of course also looks good in the office, is also a design highlight: its filigree current-carrying suspension gives the light source formal calm and the ease of maximum reduction.

The product is also available in the dimensions 20×10 in different surface variants.

GERA wall lamp
GERA Leuchten: Pendant lamp 20×10 aluminum colored. Photo: GERA Leuchten

If you work on a standing desk or highboard, the swiveling wall lamp from GERA is a suitable product for lighting.

In the productive phase, the wall lamp can illuminate the workplace directly – and then be swiveled onto the wall or ceiling and thus take on the function of ambient lighting.

In addition, GERA Leuchten offers other products for installation on the wall, which in addition to the light function also provide power connections for tablets or other devices and at the same time represent a stable shelf.

Take a close look at the lighting situation at home
GERA Leuchten: Pendant lamp 20×10 black-brown. Photo: GERA Leuchten

But even beyond these workplace illuminations, it is now a good time to take a close look at the lighting situation at home. Many still see light as less a design element than a functional element.

Well-thought-out lighting design is an important part of interior design: light gives rooms structure and atmosphere, which, unlike colors and furniture, can be changed flexibly.

Light contributes significantly to well-being and influences the mood. These options for interior design become particularly clear with light furniture such as the light shelf.

The combination of light and furniture finds a unique harmony here: The GERA lighting system 6 closes the gaps between traditional, central room lighting and modern, pointed furniture lighting planning.

Whether pendant lamp, wall lamp or light shelf – the products from GERA lights create rooms, create atmosphere and can now also be experienced online.

About GERA Leuchten

On the basis of its comprehensive lighting design, furniture construction and electrical engineering expertise, the GERA Leuchten company, which is based in Thuringia in Germany, develops furniture concepts that are unique and a market first in this combination with the respective lighting

With its characteristic lighting furniture, the company is exploring a totally innovative product category that always has a dual interior design and functional purpose through the combination of lighting with light projection.

The design of the individual products is the result of the dimensional system of a generic product family.

Formal severity, design simplicity, authenticity and logic are brought together to create products with a style that is characterised by timeless, functional designs.

GERA Leuchten presented at the interzum 2019 exclusively new products on the minimalistic designed booth. Photo: GERA Leuchten

Of course, all products also meet the highest quality standards as they are “made in Germany”.

The manufacturing process is ISO certified, and GERA employs only qualified staff.

Source and photos: GERA Leuchten

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