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interzum 2019: Enthusiastic response to new GRASS display

What makes a movement mechanism a good movement mechanism? This question has motivated GRASS ever since the company was founded over 70 years ago. Time and again, GRASS has developed groundbreaking products that reflect its visionary engineering skills. GRASS once again launched various new products at the interzum 2019, including a movement
mechanism that unlocks completely new possibilities in terms of furniture design.

From the first-ever concealed hinges to the invention of the double wall drawer – the GRASS company history is characterised by countless groundbreaking products. The aim is always to look ahead, and to develop movement mechanisms that meet the most demanding requirements. The GRASS presentation at the interzum 2019 also reflects this philosophy – it includes new products as well as classics from the company’s portfolio that all perfectly answer the initial question.

So what does make a movement mechanism a good movement mechanism? It must give precendence to the design of the furniture it is fitted to and at the same time provide aesthetic inspiration. In a world of ever more rapidly changing trends, these mechanisms must ensure that the furniture manufacturers can draw on a range of flexible solutions and at the same time make that all-important difference in terms of movement comfort and elegance.

GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim is the thinnest, most efficient fitting ever developed by GRASS. Photo: Grass

More visitors, exhibitors and internationality: 2019 was the world’s leading supplier industry trade fair interzum’s most successful year ever. GRASS, the specialist for movement mechanisms, also saw exceptional visitor numbers: “With around 5,000 visitors from more than 80 countries, the interzum 2019 was one of our group of companies’ most successful trade fairs,” says GRASS manager Albert Trebo, looking back on the event. The visitors were particularly interested in the new concealed flap lift system Kinvaro T-Slim, which was presented in Cologne in surroundings that matched the company’s new CI.

At the end of the interzum’s four days, a total of 74,000 visitors from 152 countries had visited the Cologne exhibition grounds. All of them were looking for answers to the challenges the furniture industry must face. In the area of movement mechanisms, GRASS offered a whole range of new solutions and presented these in a new, contemporary ambience that was primarily defined by the company’s new corporate identity: the fresh, modern look of the stand in Hall 7.1 matched the movement mechanism products that are driving the interior design of the future.

GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim. “With around 5,000 visitors from more than 80 countries, the interzum 2019 was one of our group of companies’ most successful trade fairs,” says GRASS managing director Albert Trebo, looking back on the event. Photo: Grass

This year, the company’s proven systems and product news will be presented in a special ambience: the new GRASS CI is younger, fresher and more modern. The redesigned corporate image took its inspiration from the company’s products and equally focuses on elegance combined with functionality. The colour scheme and design have been slightly changed to adapt them to the way such aspects are habitually perceived in the age of mobile end devices.

The trade show stand in hall 7.1 features various environments in the home where the GRASS movement mechanisms for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms are displayed in their respective settings. The advantages of the individual products can therefore be experienced directly on furniture especially manufactured for this purpose. “One definitive highlight is our latest development Kinvaro T-Slim”, says GRASS manager Albert Trebo. “With this fitting, our designer Stefan Ambrozus has managed to create an object with a timelessly beautiful design whose elegant, purist aesthetics will change the character of flap cabinets forever.”

GRASS Nova Pro Scala: With an incredible height of 250 millimetres, the new high drawer is unique in the world of double-wall systems. Photo: Grass

The new development Kinvaro T-Slim, a sprung door hinge that sits so flush with the furniture that it is almost completely invisible, perfectly exemplifies this characteristic. “Particularly Kinvaro T-Slim was a resounding success,” says Albert Trebo. “The flap system stands for a philosophy that all of our products reflect: they give precedence to the function of the piece of furniture they have been integrated in; new design ideas would therefore not be possible without them.”

Kinvaro T-Slim: a new dimension of invisibility
GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim: The new flap lift mechanism makes the dream of invisible fittings come true – and will therefore provide furniture designers all over the world with inspiration. Photo: Grass

At the interzum 2019, GRASS presented a new form of reduction with Kinvaro T-Slim. The new flap lift mechanism makes the dream of invisible fittings come true – and will therefore provide furniture designers all over the world with inspiration. Kinvaro T-Slim blends into the furniture almost invisibly, and unlocks completely new possibilities for overhead wall cabinets. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room – particularly wide, rather than tall, storage solutions with lift-up flaps are currently undergoing a renaissance.

The challenge here is obvious, as every technical detail is visible on a piece of furniture fitted at eye level. This fact prompted the development of Kinvaro T-Slim: the GRASS engineers have managed to reduce the complex mechanism of a lift-up fitting down to an overall size of 12 millimetres, which means that it can be inset into the furniture and “disappears” completely. This reduction in size provides furniture designers with completely new possibilities.

GRASS: The perfect combo for drinks compartment flaps: Kinvaro D and Tiomos flap hinge. Photo: Grass

Anything is possible from a minimum side wall thickness of 16 millimetres upwards. Wood can just as easily be used as MDF, and Kinvaro T-Slim’s effect on the furniture’s aesthetics really comes into its own on glass front flaps with aluminium frames. The fitting becomes one with the furniture and part of the design. Besides the obvious aesthetic bonus, this reduction in size offers another advantage: the flap lift-up mechanism takes up very little room; the available storage space can therefore be used to its full potential.

Especially these days, when interior design is becoming increasingly open-plan, it is important that the functional furniture components match the overall design of the piece of furniture. In the past, storage furniture used to be closed; it is now transparent, its contents visibly on show. Kinvaro T-Slim is therefore a product that absolutely meets the zeitgeist.

GRASS Tavinea Sorto comprises two frames and a cross bar. The frames do not have a bottom panel and with the integrated anti-slip device can also be placed in drawers without anti-slip mats. Photo: Grass

The numerous visitors to the GRASS stand agreed with this conclusion. The visitor frequency was extremely high, from the moment the fair opened to the last day. “Once again, we managed to outperform ourselves – in terms of the trade audience numbers as well as in terms of the presentation of our products”, says GRASS head of marketing Andreas Marosch. “The feedback on the new corporate design, which we developed in-house, was extremely positive, and the market also responded well to all of our new products.”

Besides Kinvaro T-Slim and the Tipmatic Soft-close solution for lightweight drawers such as those used in bathroom furniture, for example, the visitors also particularly liked the full extending drawer runners Nova Pro.

Nova Pro: perfectly synchronised with full extension runners

For the interzum 2019, a new version will be added to the Nova Pro range of runner systems, which combines high-tech with exceptional
design. The new, synchronised full extending drawer runners extend even further and are therefore even more comfortable to use and make life even easier; they are the perfect solution for waste sorting systems, for example.

GRASS Tiomos Hidden is a concealed hinge, which is inset into the furniture body and therefore sits flush with the door and the furniture’s interior walls. With the new finish “Night”, the hinge also responds to the trend for dark, sophisticated finishes. Photo: Grass

When the drawer is opened and closed, it glides as quietly and gently on the new synchronised runners as if it were floating. With a load capacity of 50 kilograms, the full extending drawer is exceptionally robust, which makes the system a safe everyday companion, especially for waste sorting systems in the kitchen.

Tipmatic Soft-close in the bathroom area

GRASS has good reasons for displaying its products in the home zones kitchen, bathroom and living room, which all fulfil different functions. Storage space solutions are needed in all of them – and being able to store things away comfortably is equally appreciated everywhere. GRASS has now developed a Tipmatic Soft-close version especially for bathrooms. An extremely low resistance level makes it possible to close the drawer safely and comfortably even when it contains very little. Lightweight drawers do not spring back into an open position.

GRASS Tipmatic Soft-close: The size and weight of the drawer are of virtually no consequence. The opening force can also be subse-quently modified to suit the weight of the drawer. Photo: Grass

The Tipmatic Soft-close units have been especially designed for bathroom furniture in combination with short nominal lengths. Tipmatic Soft-close offers the perfect combination of handeless opening and soft closing– and therefore exemplifies how the GRASS quality proves its worth in all areas of the home.

About GRASS Movement Systems

A globally successful group of companies, a fresh brand with tradition and an extraordinary diversity of perspectives – that’s GRASS in a nut-shell. With sales revenues of 391 million euros in the financial year 2018, some 1,900 employees at 18 locations and more than 200 distributors in 60 countries, GRASS ranks among the world’s leading specialists in movement systems.

GRASS: The new corporate design was developed in-house. Photo: Grass

As development partner and systems supplier to the furniture industry, GRASS has been creating products which inspire its customers for over 70 years. GRASS drawer, slide, hinge and flap systems are brand-name products that move the furniture of prestigious brands.

Source and photos: GRASS

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