The future of the drawer: the cubist Vionaro drawer system is extended by modular design elements

With Vionaro, GRASS has created a design solution for all applications in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The slender drawer side of the complete drawer system measures only 13 millimetres in thickness; in 2014 it received the coveted Red Dot Award, and for interzum 2017, is extended by an additional feature: with Vionaro iD, GRASS is presenting a modular system that gives tomorrow’s drawer a unique appearance – and that opens the door to unlimited design opportunities.

GRASS Vionaro iD. Photo: Grass

For interzum 2017 GRASS has expanded the design options of Vionaro, adding a completely new dimension: vertical surface dividers. Vionaro iD – offering a maximum degree of personal styling with its add-on modular design elements – gives tomorrow’s drawer a unique appearance. The combination of the basic drawer side with a choice of personalised, combinable design sleeves creates a flexible system with unlimited design options, which can be summarised with the following formula: On the inside Vionaro. On the outside iD. On the inside standard. On the outside personalised design. With the vertical surface dividers on the drawer side opening a window to new and unconventional design, the effect is somewhat futuristic.

The future of the drawer: The cubist Vionaro drawer system has been extended by a modular design drawer side. With Vionaro iD, GRASS is presenting a modular system that gives a unique look to the drawer of the future – and opens up limitless design opportunities. Photo: Grass

Thanks to intelligent clip technology, the elegant design sleeves can easily be attached to fitted drawer sides without using tools, and will sit firmly without adhesive bonding. The narrow L-profiles are made of aluminium and fit snugly to the Vionaro steel drawer sides. Once fitted, only the inside of the basic drawer side remains visible, creating a multi-coloured timelessly beautiful overall appearance for the drawer.

GRASS Vionaro iD. Photo: Grass

With this modular system, Vionaro iD is setting new standards: with small interventions it is possible to adapt this million-fold tried-and-tested movement system to the customer’s personal taste. This makes it possible for furniture designers, industrial companies and end-customers to respond to trends and fashions at any time, without the need for tools. One can turn a black drawer side into a red one without tools. Vionaro iD offers unlimited opportunities for differentiation and can be adapted to individual preferences beyond the boundaries of different cultures and countries.

Cubist design paired with tried-and-tested movement comfort

GRASS Vionaro iD. Photo: Grass

This diversity has been made possible by the development of the Vionaro drawer system. Vionaro appeals with its design, degree of innovation and functionality. The extremely narrow drawer side carries the trend towards minimalist shapes and high-quality materials through to the inside of the furniture. The drawer system in the cubist style is a statement supporting the beauty of the right angle; in 2014 it received the coveted Red Dot design award for outstanding product design.

GRASS Vionaro iD. Photo: Grass

Vionaro is based on the million-fold tried-and-tested Dynapro slide, which also received the Red Dot design award in 2010. The Vionaro system involves two aluminium or steel drawer sides, which are only 13 millimetres wide and completely joint-free, and which are placed on the Dynapro system; the drawer sides are formed from a single piece of material which gives the sides their smooth surface.

This means that Vionaro has everything that Dynapro has: perfect running characteristics thanks to synchronised movement in combination with very low pull-out forces and outstanding loadbearing capacity of up to 70 kilograms. With Vionaro, the familiar three-dimensional adjustment mechanism has been integrated in the drawer side and can be conveniently operated on the inside of the drawer using a conventional PZ2 screwdriver. Thanks to the new optional Dynapro depth adjustment, it is now even possible to carry out adjustment in four dimensions.

Design freedom for any conceivable type of furniture

Since its launch, Vionaro has attracted much attention worldwide. Designers, kitchen and furniture manufacturers, joiners, architects, and last but not least also end-consumers the world over, love the elegant, extremely slender drawer side. With its understated looks and thanks to the use of different materials and colours, Vionaro fits well with all modern furniture styles. The system is available in a high-quality anodised aluminium finish, as well as in steel with the three standard colours Snow White, Silver Grey and Graphite, as well as the special Golden Brown colour. GRASS offers Vionaro to its customers with drawer sides measuring 63, 89, 121, 185 and 249 millimetres in height. The front stabiliser integrated in the 185 and 249 millimetre high drawer sides makes it possible to fit fronts with a height of up to 780 millimetres – without any railing.

The cross divider is particularly practical for the optimum utilisation of the storage space. The aluminium bar can be cut to size, and is simply pushed on to the drawer sides, thus creating individually adjustable division of the drawers and pull-outs. Thanks to the comprehensive product design, it is not necessary to make visual compromises for the additional function: with its colour scheme and shape, the cross divider perfectly matches the design of the drawer side, thereby creating a streamlined appearance. With this range of colour, material and height variation, GRASS covers a number of the requirements of furniture designers and thereby extends the scope for individual furniture creations.

Perfect design paired with perfect assembly

The Vionaro drawer system in aluminium or steel can be mounted on the same concealed slide system as a wooden drawer: a great additional benefit for the customer, who can use this one slide in the context of completely different price or design lines.

The installation in furniture is – according to GRASS’s maxim, to offer the best possible convenience to the assembler – perfectly straightforward: The installation of the drawer system does not require any extensive work on the base. In addition, the back panel clip, which is pre-fitted to the drawer side, ensures strong and attractive closure. With the help of clip technology, the front can be quickly clipped on to the drawer side without tools.

In addition, various drilling templates and assembly aids are available for convenient and time-saving assembly.

GRASS Movement Systems

A globally successful group of companies, a fresh brand with tradition and an extraordinary diversity of perspectives – that’s GRASS in a nutshell. With sales revenues of 330 million euros in the financial year 2016 (up 4% compared with 2015 excluding the Automotive Division), some 1,800 employees at 18 locations and more than 200 distributors in 60 countries, GRASS ranks among the world’s leading specialists in movement systems. As development partner and systems supplier to the furniture industry, GRASS has been creating products which inspire its customers for almost 70 years. GRASS slide and drawer systems, hinge, flap and corner cabinet systems are brand-name products that move the furniture of prestigious brands.

Source and photos: GRASS

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