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Lighting, sound and Smart Home join forces

Light, sound and Smart Home have become a best seller in the furniture business. The Loox LED lighting system from Häfele and its comprehensive range of sound and entertainment components have brought these worlds together. Together with Häfele Connect, it has become the door opener for Smart Homes. The BLE box for intuitive control of furniture lighting and electrically operated fitting creates future-oriented Smart Home experiences using a convenient, intuitive app. The Loox drivers are at the heart of the system. These make problem-free connection of the wide range of new applications possible. The modular system components go perfectly together, and are child’s play to install without tools using Plug & Play. The impress with their quality, flexibility and convenient operation.

BLE box – the app whisperer

Light control using an app. Häfele Connect makes it possible. Photo: Häfele

The power to the new Häfele Connect BLE boxes is provided by two mains leads from a 12 or 24 V driver. They are the app whisperers in the Loox world, making it possible to control individual lights (on/off, brightness, also the colour temperature with multi-white lights, and also the light colour with RGB lights) and electrical fittings and store light scenes or change the brightness and the light colours under timer control. A single BLE box or an entire network of BLE boxes are controlled using a smartphone or a tablet. Safety aspects are also taken into consideration by the timer-controlled presence simulation.

Let there be music – the Häfele sound systems

The Loox driver, in this case the version for 24 V systems, acts as the basic interface for light, sound and Häfele Connect. It can be deployed internationally, because it can be connected almost anywhere. Photo: Häfele

The trendy, invisibly installed Häfele sound systems 105 and 420 turn furniture into an alternative speaker. They are equipped with a Bluetooth receiver and up to four sound transducers (exciter speakers). The exciter speakers convert every hard surface such as wood, glass or metal into a sound carrier, which makes music and speech audible with astonishing sound quality. The music selection and the volume are conveniently streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Interesting furniture with added value for music-loving customers is therefore created using the sound system from Häfele.

The latest gadget: Wireless inductive charging station

Should the power happen to go off, there is always the wireless charging station that is invisibly installed in the furniture. The mobile device is simply placed onto the furniture in the respective location and recharges itself with energy. More and more manufacturers are integrating this new inductive charging technology into their devices, and others can be equipped with adapters.

Clear colour coding – easy installation

The Häfele Connect BLE boxes for 12 and 24 V drivers provide access to the smart world of many other applications via Loox. Photo: Häfele

The powerful 12 Volt and 24 Volt drivers are the heart of the Loox system. They are available in all three systems (12V/24V/350 mA) with a smart installation height of 16 mm and energy efficiency class VI, which is extremely important for the USA market. The drivers can be used worldwide. Standardised plug-in connections with clear colour coding are the guarantee of safe installation.

Other additional components are, for example, the multi switch box, the multi driver box, the three-way distributor with switching function, the 6-way distributor, the 4-way extension etc. International certificates and test symbols ensure that Loox is ready for global deployment.

Modular LED lights and switches

Among other things, the highlights in the lighting product range are the modular and customisable LED lights with suitable luminosity and light colours for living and working areas.

Ultra-flat, dimmable surface mounted down lights with the appeal of a recess mounted light, new dimmable and extremely powerful recess mounted lights and surface mounted down lights made from steel and innovative Loox LED strip lights for different lighting moods are particularly in demand at present. High luminous efficacy, low colour tolerance and colour consistency characterise these LED strip lights, which can be individually shortened. The remaining pieces can be re-used.

Modular Loox switches for all possible uses can be deployed in all LED systems, and are easy to upgrade and quickly installed with plug-in cables.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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