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Holz-Handwerk: Success together with Häfele as a partner

Experience the Future – Acquire Security

Häfele, the traditional top dog at the Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg, is putting the emphasis on partnership at its appearance on booth 318 in hall 10.1, making it possible to experience the future with Smart Home and Micro Living, and presenting a multitude of new products which will make the transition to the digital world of furniture easier for joiners and interior designers and provide them with security for the future.

The innovations will be presented at live demonstrations and you can check them out for yourself on the spot. But what would all of this be without the company’s excellent range of services, about which visitors can obtain comprehensive information at the trade fair booth.

Examining furniture in an integrated way, always keeping an eye on the topics of the future of the industry, having clever product ideas that make the partner’s life easier and providing inspiration, plus expert knowledge, top logistics and unrivalled service – these are the things that characterise Häfele. Häfele business partners are also provided with marketing support on the subject of storage space and kitchens with added value, for example, as well as selling aids in the form of brochures, films, partner networks etc. The international market leader for hardware technology and electronic access control systems traditionally has a full house at Holz-Handwerk. Sliding, flaps, storage space, the Häfele kitchen with added value, sound and light are the current topics which Häfele has most recently placed on the market extremely successfully together with its joiner partners, and which can all be discovered under further development on the trade fair booth, among other things.

Live presentation experience

You can get “hands on” with innovative products at the Häfele live presentations in the Axilo Arena, for example. The new plinth adjusting fitting system which reduces assembly time by up to 50% can be tested here. Photo: Häfele

Live presentations traditionally have particular importance in the Häfele World of Ideas at the Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg. Joiners/cabinet makers want to see, experience and preferably also try out and test new products for themselves. This is taken into account with a total of five continuous presentations. The following are being demonstrated: the new plinth adjusting fitting system in the Axilo Arena, the simple processing of the Häfele Loox LED lighting system, also in combination with the Smart Home Häfele Connect App and the new Häfele Connect BLE box, the innovative Easiness 8/25 and 8/60 connector systems, the Easy Storage solution and the digital Häfele service world from the web site to the online shop and the new possibilities provided by digital furniture construction.

The product highlights

The Axilo plinth adjusting fitting system, i.e. the extended arm for cabinet levelling, is a particularly clever discovery. Every kitchen fitter knows the problems of levelling kitchen furniture using the plinth feet, particularly the rear ones. The new adjusting fitting system from Häfele puts a stop to this. The adjustment is ergonomic and kind to the back, takes place from the front and simultaneous monitoring of the spirit level means that there is no need for a second person. Ultimately you can cut down installation time by up to 50% in this way. Minor cause – major effect.

Brilliant and extremely convenient: The multi-dimensional mirror from Häfele combines light, demister and sound in a single product. Photo: Häfele

Light, sound and Smart Home have become best-sellers in the furniture industry. The Häfele Loox LED lighting system and its comprehensive range of sound and entertainment components lets these worlds merge seamlessly together. It has become a door opener for Smart Home together with Häfele Connect. The BLE box for controlling furniture lighting and electrically operated fittings provides access to Smart Home experiences using the app.

The highlights of the lighting product range are modular LED lights with different light intensities and colours for living and working areas. Ultra-flat, dimmable surface mounted down lights with the impression of a recess mounted light, extremely bright recess mounted and surface mounted down lights made from steel and Loox LED strip lights for different lighting atmospheres are currently in high demand.

The Häfele Easy Storage system fits anywhere, as a wardrobe with additional uses or as a refreshingly open solution with free-standing aluminium frames in the dressing room, for example. Photo: Häfele

Easy Storage is the new, completely tool-free modular Häfele cabinet organizer system for more organised storage space and organisation. It is installed and configured in an instant. Because if this, it was presented with the interzum award 2017 at the world’s leading trade fair for furniture accessories in Cologne. Easy Storage impresses with its well thought-out modular system which is oriented to individual user requirements. Pull-out frames, cabinet panels, pull-out make-up table, clothes rails, clothes lifts and much more, everything fits perfectly together with one design appeal and is perfectly coordinated, without any screwing together. The Easy Storage connector system makes it possible: Plug in – fold out – finished! It can be adapted to the cabinet design without problems and is at home wherever you put it. Of course, Häfele provides all of this together with a free-standing aluminium frame. Assembly: also tool-free, of course. It is worth taking a closer look at the details of this amazing system from Häfele for yourself at the trade fair booth.

Light control using an app. Häfele Connect makes it possible. Photo: Häfele

Top functionality, up-to-date design and modern materials – the ergonomic Officys table base system for perfect working conditions, either sitting or standing, has many advantages. This individually expandable system provides an attractive modular kit for setting up workplaces in modern offices. It is the only system on the market with which the pedestal and the screen can be moved up or down at the push of a button. Premium technology ensures that height adjustment is almost silent, including a highly sensitive Piezo automatic shut-off. All of your work utensils remain easy to get at – which is great for your back, whether sitting or standing.

Fresh air without compromises in kitchens, living rooms, and offices, almost like the air in nature after a thunderstorm, odourless, germ-free and free of allergens – that which sounds like magic is the result of years of research and development, a unique technological innovation: Häfele’s new PurePlasma air purifier. It cleans the air in the entire room in combination with or without an extractor hood, as an integrated or compact standalone device. Häfele experts will explain the details of this innovation on the trade fair booth.

The new Officys table bases from Häfele are extremely convenient because of their low-noise drive, and thanks to their modular construction they can be individually configured and installed in a flash. Photo: HäfeleLight, demister and sound in one product, the Häfele bathroom mirror makes it possible. It is delivered pre-assembled and combines make-up lighting, room lighting, mood lighting, demister and a sound system in one elegant entirety. The functions are controlled using a touch key on the mirror. The sound system can also be operated using a smartphone.

Häfele has established itself on the market with its range of furniture handles. The third collection from the hardware technology specialist is now setting standards with 13 innovative handle designs. The new H17 furniture handle collection impresses with its functionality, design and trendy finishes from standard (stainless steel) to experimental (copper). It gives any furniture item in the kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom or hotel a unique, unmistakeable and individual look. It is available in many variants, also in vintage style with the latest trendy colours.

Yes, and the Häfele trade fair booth also traditionally offers plenty of room for relaxed discussions with colleagues and the Häfele fitting experts about products, ideas, visions of the future and the successful marketing thereof together.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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