Häfele Free flap fitting family

The new freedom in movement
  • Häfele introduces the new Free flap family
  • All of the most popular types of opening for flaps on wall units are covered
  • Free flap fittings are slimmer, lighter and simpler

Häfele brings new freedom in movement with the Free flap fitting family. All Free flap fittings are available on the market now. It doesn’t matter whether a flap opens mechanically or electrically, or whether it is lifted, tilted, swivelled or folded – it immediately provides added value to any furniture item. And last but not least more efficiency when working. Flaps also provide more options in the visual and technical design of furniture, and have tangible benefits compared to hinged doors. Above all, however, they give furniture and rooms undreamed-of elegance. The Free flap family is a completely newly-developed and independent range of fittings with modular design and can therefore be used with extreme flexibility. With Free flap, Free fold, Free up and Free swing, it covers all of the most popular types of opening for flaps on wall units. The fittings fulfil the highest of demands with regard to creative freedom and choice of material, design, ease of installation and convenient operation on a new level. To put it simply: They are slimmer (with regard to design), lighter (to operate) and simpler (to install).

Slimmer: Reduction with considerable functionality

Häfele Free flap. Photo: Häfele

One particular goal during the development of the Free fittings was to have a discreet, space-saving design. The Häfele engineering experts achieved this by means of a compact design that results in a slimline installation, therefore increasing the amount of usable interior space. Installation is completed with stylish cover caps that are available in two colours. Different connecting elements are available for different front panel materials.

Lighter: Added value for everyday life

Häfele Free swing. Photo: Häfele

A high degree of operating convenience and good access to the cabinet interior were also on the to-do list of the Häfele engineers. All of the flaps are therefore characterised by having feather-light movement and being extremely smooth running. Multi-position stop comfort feature: Free fittings can be precisely coordinated to the individual flap weight, so that the front panel is held in any position and the handle is always easily reachable, even for persons of small stature. Thanks to the push to close, the flap closes extremely softly.

Simpler: Quicker installation saves time

Häfele Free fold. Photo: Häfele

That which gives the Free flap fittings another competitive advantage on the market is extremely efficient installation. Thanks to the plug they can be installed with one hand, which is a globally unique feature. Clip-on front panels and other quick fixing systems make processing extremely rational and therefore save time. For example, the standardised Plexiglas drilling template with hardened inserts provides reliability during processing. Adjusting eccentrics allow the front panels to be aligned perfectly, and also provide a consistent gap pattern. The manufacturing consistency of many components also makes the Free fittings economical to use for fabricators.

Soft opening and closing as standard

Häfele Free up. Photo: Häfele

All Free fittings have an integrated soft close for easy and gentle closing. However, the trick lies in the fact that the soft close operates in both the opening and the closing direction. This makes operating the flaps extremely easy and convenient, independently of their type of movement. It is also suitable for all of the most common front panel materials and flap sizes.

Free fold, Free swing, Free up and Free flap

Häfele Free swing. Photo: Häfele

Free fold makes it possible to create smooth-running double flap lift up fitting solutions, and is designed for 450 to 1,040 mm high wall units. Minimal opening resistance provides an extremely pleasant operating feeling, even with extremely heavy flaps. Free swing is the ideal choice if an extremely large front panel needs to be swivelled away over the top of the cabinet. It is suitable for wall units that are 370 to 800 mm high. Both the front panel and the crossbar can be installed without tools. The Free up parallel lift-up front fitting moves one-piece front panels upwards parallel to the cabinet, and is therefore ideally suited for cabinets with front panels above them. It has been developed for 320 mm to 600 mm high wall units in kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture. The Free flap hinge-less stay flap fittings have already made their mark in an impressive fashion. They are extremely easy to install, and have a practical clip-on mechanism for installing the front panel without tools. They are now available with a convenient push-to-open solution. Free flap is available in two weight classes.

The entire Free family, also with E-drive

All of the fittings in the Free family can be optionally equipped with electric drive (E-drive). A gentle tap on the front panel or the push-button sender embedded in the side panel allows the flap to be effortlessly and effectively opened and closed without having to guide it by hand. Quiet operation, integrated safety stop functions and cushioned movement to the end positions predestines this version of the fittings for top quality furniture construction. It provides maximum operating convenience and is also characterised by having a drive that is easy to install and start up using plug-n-play technology. No cabling is required for the push-button sender. In the event of a power failure, the flap can be operated manually without problems.

With Free, Häfele has designed a pioneering product family that is suitable for all of the most popular flap sizes and materials. The fittings can be used in all segments of furniture construction, and contribute to increasing the value of the furniture because of their functionality and appearance. The new Free brochure gives an overview of the flap fitting family.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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