Häfele’s innovative Sound-Edition – invisibly installed

More cooking with sound

As a full range provider with special expertise for the specialist kitchen trade, Häfele offers its partners many advantages. Here, you can find the entire world of furniture fittings, including Loox LED light and sound at a glance, from the basic configuration to the most convenient and exquisite accessories. Häfele has more than 40,000 room and kitchen-related items in stock. An updated follow-up to the well-known special kitchen catalogue will be sent to specialist dealers shortly. The innovative Sound-Edition from Häfele is cutting edge, consisting of three sound sets which can be retrofitted easily and installed invisibly. In combination with a package for sales support, it equips the kitchen trade with trendy entertainment solutions.

Häfele Soundsets. Photo: Häfele

Concealed sound, music and entertainment for the kitchen is a convenient added benefit, almost a trend, which will impress customers and generate additional business for the trade and cabinet makers / joiners – Häfele has now issued a Sound-Edition that is appropriate for the spirit of the age and the industry with three sets, which can be easily and flexible installed, remain invisible and can be operated by the user wirelessly with a smart phone, tablet or notebook using Bluetooth. The Häfele system brings sound to surfaces and therefore provides a unique sound experience. The receiver and the exciter (sound transducer) are placed inside the furniture. The furniture is the resonating body, meaning that additional speakers are superfluous.

With the sound sets, Häfele partners receive added value and competitive advantages due to differentiation on the market. Thanks to Plug-and-Play, installation is extremely simple and retrofitting is also possible. The equipment takes up a little space because it is installed in the furniture, no storage spaces or work surfaces are occupied, it is child’s play to operate and is all the rage.

Overview of the Plug-and-Play components

Häfele Soundsets. Photo: Häfele

The “Basic-Sound-System 420” consists of a Bluetooth receiver, two exciters and a 12V/30W driver. The “Radio-Sound-System 420” has identical components and technical data, but is also equipped with an integrated FM radio module, including remote control. The amplifier in both sets supplies 20 W.

The Compact-Sound-System 105 is a more compact solution. It consists of a Bluetooth receiver with integrated, compact exciter installed in the housing and a 12V/15W power supply.

To go with the Sound promotion, Häfele has issued a clever marketing aid for its partners in the form of an end customer flyer, onto which kitchen trade partners can put their own logo and address data. The systems and the way in which they work are explained here and presented in a generally comprehensible way under the motto “Entertainment for the kitchen – Your innovative Sound-Edition”. The brochures and an attractive display for the showroom are available from the responsible Häfele sales office.

Legendary logistics and perfect service

Häfele’s logistics are globally recognised and almost unique. Orders which are received before 2 pm are generally delivered on the same day. A field service team that operates nationwide visits and advises the kitchen studios at regular intervals. Häfele is also in close proximity to its partners with 10 sales offices.

The company, whose headquarters is in the Northern Black Forest area, is currently listed with all of the leading specialist kitchen trade cooperations and has become one of Germany’s biggest providers of kitchen accessories.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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