Hailo: interzum 2019, more comfort, improved quality of life

Hailo presents new classics and classic innovations at the interzum 2019

Hailo has been setting benchmarks for more comfort in the home for over 70 years. The red dot that makes all Hailo household products identifiable at first glance stands for quality “made in Germany” and guarantees that they will make your life easier. With its waste separation and storage systems, Hailo helps its customers to design the functional areas in their homes in an efficient, space saving and comfortable way.

Always a key issue for the Haiger-based company: smart product developments that are directly inspired by the needs of the users. Hailo will be taking a range of innovative new products along to this year’s interzum, the world’s leading supplier industry trade fair – and the company will also be presenting classics from its product portfolio in new designs.

Hailo Pantry Box: the red dot with which all Hailo products can be identified at first glance stands for quality “Made in Germany”. Photo: Hailo Werk

The common denominator for Hailo’s presentation at the interzum 2019 is “comfortable to handle”. At stands A040 and B041 in Hall 7.1, several products will illustrate the meaning of this motto such as the waste separation system Cargo Synchro, which is now even more comfortable to use thanks to its new synchronised full extending drawer runners. The runners make the drawers run more smoothly and also make opening and closing them softer and quieter due to the stability increase.

The climbing aid Hailo StepFix has undergone a freshness cure and can be easily unlocked and folded with one hand. Photo: Hailo Werk

Hailo has now also transferred this tried-and-tested handling benefit to other products: its Laundry Carrier and Euro-Cargo designs will now also be equipped with these runners. Hailo’s classic waste separation systems Solo, Mono and Tandem also offer more comfort in the kitchen, and have all been redesigned in time for the interzum: established top selling products whose revival versions will now impress a new generation. The same applies to the service lift Hailo StepFix, which has also been updated – and can be effortlessly unlatched and folded up with just one hand.

Comfort also in the utility room

Besides the “most important room in the home”, the kitchen, Hailo also focuses on the adjacent functional spaces. Hailo will be presenting a whole host of practical product developments for the utility room – whether this is a separate space or a dedicated area in the kitchen, hallway or basement.

Hailo Euro Cargo will also be equipped with the new synchronized full extension rails, which ensure smoother running. Photo: Hailo Werk

All of these products are based on the same concept that also makes the waste separation systems so unique: well-organised storage space is one of the most challenging home design issues. Personal touches, layout, interior design – a home’s wow factors will only impress people if they are accompanied by practical and understated storage systems. A perfect example for a well-thought-out storage element is the Hailo Laundry Carrier: the integrated laundry basket provides storage and also makes a household chore easier, as it can not only be used to store your laundry but also to sort and carry it.

Hailo On Top: with order systems Hailo helps to make the functional areas of the apartments efficient, space-saving and comfortable. Photo: Hailo Werk

Hailo’s individual storage units, which complete the company’s utility room portfolio, are optional and practical and can also make life easier in the kitchen with their simple yet functional features. In this product segment, Hailo will be showing a broom / mop rack and a practical holder for ladders, for example, as well as a universal tray for a wide range of uses.

Hailo Laundry Carrier is a perfect example of a sophisticated organizational element. Photo: Hailo Werk

Whether utility room or kitchen – the motto “comfort” will be the main focus of Hailo’s stands at this year’s interzum. “The interzum is the perfect platform for our products,” says Hailo Built-in Technology area manager Martin Mies. “At the interzum, we can demonstrate that our products represent added value for the furniture industry and make everyday life easier for the end customers. Besides the above-mentioned new products and highlights, we will also be taking along a few surprises and innovations this year. Our stands are therefore well worth a visit!”

Hailo company profile

Ever since its establishment in 1947, Hailo has demonstrated how to turn a good idea into a ground breaking product. With numerous innovations, the manufacturer has constantly set new benchmarks in terms of quality and design – thereby turning “the Hailo red dot” into a strong brand. Today, the company sells its products in 80 countries all over the world.

The company’s success is based on continuity and on the fact that it focuses on its core expertise in all business divisions. In the home & business area, Hailo offers the widest and most extensive range of free standing metal waste bins. Hailo is also the European market leader in the ladders segment. The company’s other business divisions are built-in technology systems for kitchens and industrial ladders and access systems.

Source: Hailo

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