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Ordering systems from Hailo: Make room so that the beautiful things appear

The organization of storage space is one of the most demanding tasks in the design of housing. Individualisation, design, interior design – the beautiful sides of the home are only shown to their advantage if they are provided with practical and discreet storage systems. In short: Intelligent storage space is required for the apartment to shine to its full glory.

Hailo Einbautechnik has taken on this challenge since its foundation. Hailo’s organization systems are discreetly restrained, offer maximum working comfort and can easily disappear behind cabinets and drawers. Thus, they do not disturb the look of the furniture and allow the user free space to implement his personal interior design style in the kitchen. In addition, they open up the possibility to make optimal use of the often limited space in the kitchen.

Pantry Box: Store food appetizingly

Hailo has implemented these qualities with a variety of systems: The pantry box, named after the small galley found on yachts, is a food storage system. The basic module is a dimensionally stable, cleanable plastic box, which can be integrated into all common 60s drawers and slide boxes of well-known hardware specialists.

Hailo On-Top: without having to bend down, potato peels land directly in the on-top bio-container and can be disposed of after work. Photo: Hailo Werk

Depending on whether the Pantry Box is designed for vegetables or bread, it is stored on a removable plastic floor or a shapely, high-quality real wood grid. A hardened glass sliding lid covers the contents hygienically and yet clearly visible. Groceries are appetizingly stored with the Pantry Box, which has been awarded several design prizes, and are still available at any time.

Hailo On Top: cooking aid on the spot

Another example of the focus of Hailo installation technology on optimized room organization and comfort is the on-top system, an add-on module for various waste separation systems. This tray extractor with two removable biowaste containers was also designed for common 1960s cabinets. The containers are in shape and size ideally suited to collect accumulating biowaste directly on the worktop during food preparation and then dispose of it.

Hailo Vario: with hooks, shelves and bowls can be stored a variety of things easily. Photo: Hailo Werk

Without having to bend down, z. B. potato and carrot shells land directly in the on-top bio-container and can be disposed of after the work is done. The all-rounder is available in two versions: as a stand-alone version, which contains two containers and the pull-out system for the base cabinet, or as a complete solution with a waste separation system, such as Cargo-Soft. It is  also possible to buy the practical on-top containers individually.

Carry: a classic of waste separation

In 2012, Hailo introduced the cleaning agent Hailo Carry, which has since become one of the classics in Hailo’s portfolio: The two carrying baskets, attached to a special pull-out system, not only fit into every niche, but above all to the proven Hailo waste separation systems.

Hailo Pantry Box: The food is stored with the Pantry Box appetizing and are always at hand. Photo: Hailo Werk

The Hailo Carry is ideal for storing cleaning agents and cleaning utensils in the sink cabinet. The unordered storage space next to the trash can is a thing of the past – and important tools of daily life are always at hand with one movement.

Vario: a pull-out for all cases

Another space-efficient solution for the storage of cleaning agents, scouring powder, sponges & Co. is Hailo Vario. The single pull-out offers the perfect solution for all utensils: With hooks, shelves and bowls, a wide variety of things can be stowed away easily – from the often-sought-after tub with stain remover to the bulky baking tray.

Hailo Vario: With just one handle, the Vario organizer system can be extended. Photo: Hailo Werk

Additional plus: With just one movement, the Hailo Vario organizer system can be opened and the required items are immediately available. The system can be configured according to the needs of the user – and thus stands as the pantry box, the on-top systems or carry in the successful tradition of the Hailo organization systems: invisible comfort for individual dream kitchens – that is the brackets of all systems connects with each other.

About Hailo

How a good idea becomes a future-oriented product, Hailo brings since its founding in 1947 to the point. With many innovations, the manufacturer has repeatedly set standards in quality and design – making the red dot a strong brand. Today, the company sells its products in 80 countries worldwide.

Hailo Vario: pull-out for all occasions. Photo: Hailo Werk

Continuity and concentration on core competencies in all business areas are the key to success. In Home & Business, Hailo offers the deepest and widest range of metal waste collectors in the market, and is the market leader in the market for climbing equipment in Europe. Further business fields are the kitchen installation technology as well as the professional climbing technology.

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