Hailo Tandem AntiBak: the new built-in waste separation system with an antibacterial effect

Highest hygiene requirements for waste systems

The topic of hygiene is currently very popular. There is still room for improvement in waste systems.

With the Hailo Tandem AntiBak, Hailo now has a waste separation system in its program that reduces bacterial development by 99.9 percent – thanks to an innovative surface structure.

Whether at home, in the office or in sensitive rooms such as doctor’s surgeries or hospitals – waste disposal systems are among the zones in which there are increased hygiene requirements because the multiplication of bacteria can quickly become a problem there.

With the AntiBak line, Hailo now has a built-in waste separation system in its portfolio, which thanks to its innovative surface structure ensures that bacterial contamination on the plastic parts is reduced by 99.9 percent.

Equipped with silver ions
Hailo: Tandem AntiBak built-in waste separation system for the doctor’s office. Picture: Hailo Werk

The special structure of the plastics used prevents germs of all kinds from germinating. All plastic surfaces such as the system lid, handle panel and inner bucket are antibacterially treated with the addition of silver ions.

The exceptionally high antibacterial speed of action is still active after 15 years and thus offers permanent antimicrobial protection.

The extensively tested material works against more than 50 types of bacteria.

The waste system has a food approval according to FDA. It contains no nano-silver and is safe to use – both for kitchen makers and for the end user. A test certificate is available.

Also suitable for hospitals and medical practices
Hailo: Tandem AntiBak built-in waste separation system. Picture: Hailo Werk

With these properties, Hailo Tandem AntiBak is not only suitable for private households: hospitals, medical practices and other medical facilities can also use the product to ensure higher hygiene standards.

Kindergartens, schools, authorities, offices, restaurants and the like are also potential locations.

Hailo Tandem AntiBak is suitable for installation in hinged door cabinets from 30 cm wide. A plastic system lid hygienically covers the two 15 liter inner buckets after being pushed into the cabinet and also serves as a practical storage space for utensils.

Installation and operation are also convenient: the Hailo Tandem AntiBak is simply attached to the cabinet floor with four screws. High-quality materials and smooth-running pull-out rails ensure good handling in daily use.

About Hailo

Ever since its establishment in 1947, Hailo has demonstrated how to turn a good idea into a ground breaking product.

With numerous innovations, the manufacturer has constantly set new benchmarks in terms of quality and design – thereby turning “the Hailo red dot” into a strong brand.

Today, the company sells its products in 80 countries all over the world.

The company’s success is based on continuity and on the fact that it focuses on its core expertise in all business divisions.

In the home & business area, Hailo offers the widest and most extensive range of free standing metal waste bins. Hailo is also the European market leader in the ladders segment.

The company’s other business divisions are built-in technology systems for kitchens and industrial ladders and access systems.

Source and photos: Hailo

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