Hailo: the 3 most popular products worldwide

Hailo Einbautechnik Classic: three products, 100.000 times tested, sold millions of times

Hailo makes life easier.” The recipe for success of the company can be summed up so concisely and simply. The formula unites the different divisions and was the driving force behind the first products with which Hailo started its success story over 70 years ago. Continuity and quality play a major role in this story – and together with other entrepreneurial virtues, the company from Haiger now holds several world records: Hailo is the inventor of the built-in waste separation system and has in the portfolio a product of this type, which is sold more than 12 million pieces worldwide.

Hailo Rondo. Photo: Hailo
The secret of world success

Hailo Tandem is a classic that has found many imitators based on three classic products from Hailo Einbautechnik. It is Hailo’s decades of experience: Already in the founding period in 1947, Hailo had the first waste collector in its program. From 1953, the first waste collectors conquered their places in the fitted kitchens of the Republic for installation. In the early 1980s, Hailo developed the first waste separation system for hinged door cabinets. Hailo Tandem is characterized by product features that have made the system extremely popular: it is easy to install and also proves itself in continuous use due to its robust design. Hailo Tandem pioneered the separation of waste and has sold more than 12 million copies to date, including the successor models. This makes Hailo Tandem probably the best-selling waste separation system in the world.

Hailo Rondo. Photo: Hailo

In 1993, the engineers developed a product for waste separation with front connection and pull-out rails – making the company a pioneer in further waste separation systems. With its versatile installation variants for different cabinet types and widths and up to four containers, this predecessor of the successful Cargo series for pull-out drawer cabinets has long since established itself with almost all kitchen manufacturers. The drawer systems with waste containers have been constantly adapted to new conditions over decades in constant cooperation with the kitchen industry and have long been among the market leaders in this segment. Even internationally, the Cargo series is now installed as a reliable classic in many kitchens. With the Cargo Synchro, Hailo has now launched the youngest offspring of this successful family and set another milestone. The first pull-out system with synchronized pull-out rails provides even more comfort and is another example of how Hailo Einbautechnik sets standards through innovation.

Hailo Tandem. Photo: Hailo

The cargo systems for pull-out drawer cabinets are versatile and contain the widest range with more than 30 models today. There is a suitable product for all individual needs: for cupboards from 30 to 60 cm wide, for different body heights and for different separation fractions from one to four inner buckets.

Hailo Rondo, designed as a waste separation and arrangement system for corner sink cabinets, is another classic that has been successfully marketed since the late 1990s – now in the third generation. Rondo was developed as a solution to a specific customer problem and is today one of the top 3 products from Hailo Einbautechnik.

No compromise on quality

Whether classic or new development – in terms of quality Hailo installation technology makes no compromises. Without exception, all products carry the “Made in Germany” quality seal and have already won many awards for outstanding quality and design – including the Red Dot Design Award, the IF Design Award, the interzum Award and the FOCUS Open Award. In all systems, Haiger relies not only on the long experience and engineering skills of its employees: all of the pull-out systems are tested with more than 100,000 pull-out cycles before they reach the market.

Hailo Rondo. Photo: Hailo

Rondo, Tandem and the Cargo series embody the very qualities that connect customers with the market leader in kitchen installation technology: first-class quality and innovative solutions that make working in the kitchen lighter and more beautiful. That this recipe is successful is shown not only by the impressive sales figures of the three classics, but also by a number of other facts: Hailo Einbautechnik exports to more than 80 countries worldwide. In Germany, the company with the red dot has a reputation of over 50 percent and in the “brands of the century” Hailo is represented next to 300 other premium brands.

Company portrait Hailo

How a good idea becomes a future-oriented product, Hailo brings since its founding in 1947 to the point. With many innovations, the manufacturer has repeatedly set standards in quality and design – making the red dot a strong brand. Today, the company sells its products in 80 countries worldwide. Continuity and concentration on core competencies in all business areas are the key to success. In the consumer goods sector, Hailo offers the deepest and widest range of metal waste collectors in the market, and is the market leader in the field of climbing equipment in Europe. Further business fields are the kitchen installation technology as well as the professional climbing technology. Since the end of 2003, the commercial waste collector business, Hailo Commercial, has complemented the company’s portfolio.

Hailo Euro Cargo S. Photo: Hailo

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