hansgrohe: New kitchen faucet is elegant and timeless

Minimalist in Every Respect

hansgrohe presents Talis M54, a new kitchen faucet featuring a minimalist look and an exclusive matte black finish.

Talis M54 by hansgrohe is impressive in form and function. Its elegant and timeless design, combined with the highest product quality, lends an individual touch to any kitchen interior.

hansgrohe: The slender Talis M54 kitchen tap with its consistent design is a winner in trendy matt black. The choice rounds off many kitchen concepts. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

With its sleek silhouette, clean design language and a color concept that exudes sophisticated timelessness, the Talis M54 is a refined expression of the latest design standards.

With its three iconic shapes and choice of finishes, the faucet was not created for a specific type of kitchen — it blends seamlessly into any individually designed and customized kitchen environment.

hansgrohe: The Talis M54 is your welcome partner at the sink and enhances the important workplace with a minimalist design. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

Its design exudes an understated industrial chic, while its stylish and functional metal elements make it perfect for home use.

No matter which model: an L-shaped, U-shaped or high arc spout; no matter which finish: chrome, stainless steel or exclusive matte black; no matter whether installed in an open-plan kitchen or a kitchenette — the Talis M54 transforms the sink into a kitchen centerpiece.

A Functional Highlight in the Kitchen
hansgrohe: The Talis M54 with L-spout leaves room to move under wall cupboards and is particularly flexible thanks to the sBox: the pull-out spout pampers you with a generous radius of action. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

The elongated, streamlined silhouette of the Talis M54 is enhanced by its slender pin handle and flat cartridge seat. The uninterrupted line of the faucet gives it a clean and elegant look.

The minimalist hot and cold water markings, positioned under the handle, and the spray former, which is discreetly located in the spout end, are hardly visible and yet add to the faucet’s appeal.

hansgrohe: Talis M54 with a round arch spout impresses with its raised, room-defining silhouette combined with functionality. The matt black surface makes it a highlight. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

Even details such as the sliding rings, sealing washers and the black hose of the pull-down spray have been designed to match the surface finish.

The ergonomic handle gives the user complete control over water settings. The clear laminar jet with a flow rate of 7 liters per minute fills even larger pots quickly.

hansgrohe: The minimalist design of the Talis M54 convinces not least in the variant with a U-spout. The slim, upright lever handle is space-saving and ergonomic. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

The spray mode, on the other hand, is particularly resource efficient, as it cuts water consumption to only 3.5 liters per minute. Splashing has also been reduced, making the spray ideal for rinsing away light dirt.

The intuitive control button is extremely flat and unobtrusive; it is also very ergonomic thanks to its precise pressure point, making every step easier, be it washing vegetables or rinsing one’s hands.

hansgrohe: The multifunctional sieve supports work with the Talis M54 kitchen mixer on the hansgrohe sink. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

The faucet’s pull-down spray head enables easy cleaning of the entire sink area. And it is even long enough to reach things away from the sink, such as such as plants or larger pots.

About hansgrohe

hansgrohe stands for innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms that combine intelligent functionality, outstanding design, and enduring quality.

With its brands AXOR and hansgrohe, the Hansgrohe Group, based in Schiltach / Baden-Württemberg, is a leading company in the bathroom and kitchen sector in terms of innovation, design and quality. Image: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE / Drohnenflug Henn

Based in Germany’s Black Forest region, the internationally active Hansgrohe Group sells premium products for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen taps, and kitchen sinks under the hansgrohe brand.

hansgrohe stands for great moments with water since 1901. With its many award-winning products, this traditional brand shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom.

The Hansgrohe Group invested EUR 30 million in its new plastic electroplating plant, which covers 10,000 square meters on the existing factory premises in Offenburg, Germany. Photo: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

Because this is where people spend the time they treasure most and experience precious moments in the interaction with water.

hansgrohe stands for Smart Living applications that enrich people’s everyday lives and offer them more functionality and safety in their homes.

Source and photos: hansgrohe / Hansgrohe SE

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