Hettich: Enjoy comfort via the press of a button

Power assisted systems for adjusting upholstered furniture

Hettich is an expert partner to the bed industry and has a wealth of experience in power assisted bed adjustment. Hettich is now applying this expertise to items of upholstered furniture because power assisted functions turn them into veritable havens of relaxation.

There are virtually no limits to the ways in which power assisted adjustment can feature in upholstered furniture. The Mosys adjustment system, for example, can be used to provide a stand up aid, making the sofa suitable for users of any generation. Installed in a longchair, Mosys offers levels of comfort of the type familiar from beds: back and foot sections can be infinitely adjusted. The AxosDrive adjustment system moves seat depth and head section to the ideal ergonomic position – in just the way the user wants.

Enjoy comfort: the Mosys system adjusts the foot and head section to suit any user preference. Photo: Hettich

The fittings systems from Hettich integrate comfort and convenience functions into all sorts of furniture. The power assisted functions provide an individually tailored comfort experience and extend even more of an invitation to relax and linger.

AxosDrive infinitely adjusts the sofa’s head section. Photo: Hettich
The AxosDrive linear drive system sets the seat to any chosen depth. Photo: Hettich
AxosDrive can also move elements horizontally to provide standing surfaces and open up storage space. Photo: Hettich

Source and photos: Hettich

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