Hettich: Illumination – AvanTech YOU now with light signature

High-quality and individual in shop and kitchen

Individuality is the freedom to choose. The growing megatrend of individualization increases the customer’s desire for personal freedom of design, be it in trendy shop design or in kitchen and living room furniture. The versatile drawer platform AvanTech YOU from Hettich captures this spirit of the times.

The inventor of the drawer platform has now added an attractive design variant to its current system: each drawer can be given its own LED light signature with the “AvanTech YOU Illumination” feature.

The AvanTech YOU drawer system makes it very easy to implement individual customer designs in terms of colour, format and material. All components within the platform can be combined with each other, which allows a wide range with lean, flexible production at low costs in production and storage.

Hettich: Homogeneous LED light in clip-on profiles: “AvanTech YOU Illumination” gives the furniture its own LED light signature if required. Photo: Hettich

If desired, AvanTech YOU can now even give the furniture its own light signature: Homogeneous LED light at 4,000 °K in clip-on profiles illuminates the open drawers from the inside or sets atmospheric accents on the outside.

Glass inlays with polished or ground edges can also be shown in the best light: the LED signature creates special visual effects every time the drawer is pulled out. The necessary energy is supplied by a practical, rechargeable battery pack.

This eliminates the need for complex electrical connections, and the high-quality design with light signature is easy to install and can be implemented without additional technical effort.

This special design achievement by Hettich has already won several international awards, including the “Interzum Award 2021” and the “Red Dot Design Award 2022“.

For manufacturers like Nolte Küchen, the economic platform AvanTech YOU gives them the scope they need to offer discerning kitchen customers in the high-quality segment an attractive drawer design with an exclusive touch and noticeable quality.

Even more design freedom

Hettich AvanTech YOU Illumination is easy to install: the light bar with the homogeneous LED light in 4,000 K can simply be clipped onto the AvanTech YOU frame. Photo: Hettich

The 13 mm slim AvanTech YOU frame with invisibly integrated panel adjustment function enables an elegant and flawless design in every version.

Even in the standard range, the platform allows an enormous variety of combinations: With clip-on design profiles or design caps, different visual accents can be set again and again within the standard range. And with the frame inlays, individual design requests can even be realized in the customer’s desired material.

As a new, attractive component, the “AvanTech YOU Illumination” feature expands the economical drawer platform from Hettich. For kitchen and furniture manufacturers, this opens up further opportunities to stand out clearly from the competition and to offer their discerning customers an attractive drawer design with an exclusive touch and noticeable quality, even in the high-quality segment.

Lighting is awarded

Red Dot Award winner 2022: The AvanTech YOU Illumination feature from Hettich sets elegant light signatures on drawers. Photo: Hettich

Hettich is a three-time winner of the world-renowned design prize Red Dot Award in the “Product Design” category.

The AvanTech YOU Illumination feature, the Push to open Silent damping system for revolving doors and the Quadro Compact FE 20 drawer runner for wine refrigerators received awards for outstanding design quality.

With its three award-winning products, Hettich makes it clear that innovative fittings often form the basis for sophisticated and functional furniture design. The AvanTech YOU drawer system goes one step further and is the ultimate platform for design diversity.

In addition to the free choice of colour, format and material, the newly awarded AvanTech YOU Illumination adds emotional appeal with light: homogeneous LED light at 4,000 °K in clip-on design profiles illuminates the open drawers from the inside or sets atmospheric accents on the outside.

And glass inlays with polished or ground edges are also presented in the best light thanks to AvanTech YOU Illumination. The technology works without additional cables in the furniture and can therefore be easily retrofitted.

About Hettich

The Hettich company was founded in 1888 and is now one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings.

More than 7,400 employees in almost 80 countries work together towards the goal of developing intelligent technology for furniture.

Headquarters of Hettich in Kirchlengern. Photo: Hettich

In this way, Hettich inspires people all over the world and is a valuable partner for the furniture industry, trade and crafts. The Hettich brand stands for consistent values: for quality and innovation. For reliability and customer proximity.

Despite its size and international importance, Hettich has remained a family business. Independent of investors, the future of the company is shaped freely, humanely and sustainably.

Source and photos: Hettich

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