Hettich: Intelligent furniture for interactive work

Team office with a high feel-good factor

Adaptable office equipment is required for the permanent change between concentration, communication and withdrawal. They create the right ambience for higher work efficiency, improved productivity and greater well-being for employees.

The hardware specialist Hettich offers the industry time and again stimulating ideas for intelligent technology in furniture and individual office design.

Tall container Big Org@Tower narrow on the height-adjustable desk offers storage space and privacy as a room divider. A foldable upholstery soundproof wall for desk and office allows the retreat for concentrated work. Photo: Hettich

“An attractive office environment with flexible and ergonomic workplaces has become an important competitive factor for companies,” explains Ralf Müterthies, Head of Market Intelligence at Hettich.

“In doing so, important trends become clear: the office worlds are becoming more comfortable and their equipment is geared to the needs of the employees. Hettich presents creative concepts for modern office equipment that make everyday work easier for users. ”

Lounger with many functions.

The office lounger brings comfort to the team office. The new workplace concept enables work while sitting, standing and – completely new – even while lying down. At home, the sofa is often used to work with a laptop or tablet.

The lounger in the team office combines an office couch with practical storage elements. Photo: Hettich

Now this trend has also found its way into the office, e.g. at start-up companies. The comfortable office couch invites you to either “power napping” or, thanks to the various adjustment options, it can also be used for relaxed work.

The sideboard under the couch offers useful storage space: Be it a pull-out tray for filing or a spacious cabinet drawer, in which the urban office worker can stow his e-scooter and recharge during working hours.

Flexible upholstered soundproofing walls

Flexible soundproof walls can also be used directly at the office desk. For concentrated work, the upholstery is simply folded up, creating a sheltered berth.

Adjusting the desired height at the desk and getting started: The electromotive lifting column system LegaDrive Eco is easily telescopic. Photo: Hettich

If the pad is then folded again, it means open to the conversation with colleagues. And the office sofa is also equipped with foldable soundproof walls, which provide a visual and acoustic retreat as needed.

The sofa also has a seat depth adjustment for individual adjustment to the height or the desired seating position.

SmarTray: Intelligently and securely organized

The modular, compact SmarTray by Hettich fits under the desk as much space as in any cupboard. The material tray system impresses with its high material and processing quality as well as its comfort features such as Push to open or the damped self-closing mechanism with Silent System.

SmarTray fits under every desk. Especially convenient is the vent and cable outlet for safe charging of electrical appliances. Photo: Hettich

SmarTray is lockable and has convenient cable entry points for charging electronic devices. The choice of case colors and heights opens up a variety of design options.

Thanks to the Quadro full extension with Silent System, the entire material tray can be pulled up so that even large items such as notebooks can be conveniently stowed away.

Legadrive Eco

Height-adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow back-friendly working while sitting or standing. An attractively priced entry-level option is the electromotive lifting column system LegaDrive Eco from Hettich.

It is easily telescopic and has stable lifting columns with a comfortable stroke of 500 mm. The concealed drive is stepless and very quiet.

Thanks to the platform, the eco-lifting columns can also be combined with other system components of the LegaDrive program – thus giving you more design freedom for the furniture industry.

Organizational talent: Big Org@Tower narrow

Multifunctional office furniture is in the limelight: Big Org@Tower, the organization system for high containers from Hettich, offers versatile storage space and at the same time serves as visual and sound insulation.

The new version “narrow” is much narrower than previously. Inside, the individual organization dominates, whether with lockers, the convenient ComfortSpin turntable or a fold-out storage space for the few folders in a paper-poor office.

Even more concepts for the office can be found in the Design Gallery.

About Hettich

As an acknowledged brand, Hettich – Technik für Möbel has become a hallmark of excellence across the globe. Hettich was founded in 1888 and is today one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings. The company’s headquarters are in Kirchlengern at the heart of furniture cluster East Westphalia. It is the largest employer in the district.

Headquarters of Hettich in Kirchlengern. Photo: Hettich

Hettich operates on markets across the globe with its production sites, branch offices and agencies in Europe, America and Asia. Over 6,700 members of staff in almost 80 countries work together towards the objective: developing intelligent technology for furniture. With it, Hettich fascinates people across the globe and is a valuable partner to the furniture industry, retailers and the trades.

Among the products Hettich develops, manufactures and sells are drawer and runner systems, hinges as well as folding and sliding door fittings. These products provide convenient and reliable operation in millions of furniture applications across the globe, be it in homes, offices, hospitals, shops or hotels.

The company acts as a source of ideas and trendsetter – without solutions from Hettich, many design developments in furniture would simply not be possible. With its innovative products, Hettich time and again sets standards in functionality, quality and convenience in kitchen, bathroom, office, living room and bedroom furniture.

The Hettich brand stands for consistent values: for quality and innovation. For reliability and closeness to customers. Despite its size and international significance, Hettich has remained a family owned business and is now in its fourth generation.

Permanent commitment to quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety, chemical compliance and corporate social responsibility is part of the corporate culture that Hettich practises. Acknowledged seals of approval and certificates are testimony to the manufacturer’s high standard of quality and safety.

Source and photos: Hettich

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