Hettich: New comfort zones in the cooling unit

Quadro Compact with fresh features

Refrigerators are now much more than simple devices for storing food. Useful features help make everyday kitchen life more and more comfortable for users.

Hettich makes its contribution as an innovative solution provider for the “cold sector”.

The manufacturer has now sensibly supplemented its Quadro Compact product family: The current full extension program for fresh food compartments surprises with new, intelligent functions for ergonomic work, a complete overview and easy access to all the supplies in the refrigerator.

Hettich: A different kind of refrigerator with Quadro Compact 2 in a line: With this pull-out trolley, a second box pushes upwards and enables convenient food removal. Photo: Hettich

With a load of 20, 40, 60 or 80 kg, the Quadro Compact product family can serve the entire drawer portfolio in the refrigerator – from the small, internal fresh storage compartment to the large, wide front drawer.

The full pull-outs from Hettich impress with their smooth, smooth running properties and maximum lateral stability. The Silent System damping ensures a controlled, quiet closing process.

Now there are new, clever features for fresh food compartments from the Quadro Compact series. They help to make handling in the kitchen noticeably easier again.

Also perfectly synchronized in XL: parallel system

The parallel system of the Quadro Compact offers significant comfort gains, especially for large formats.

This means that even the extra-large front pull-outs can be opened or closed at any point without any effort – a light tap is all it takes.

Hettich: With the help of the Quadro Compact unlocking technology, fresh food compartments can be completely removed from the refrigerator and carried with their contents to the kitchen workstation. Photo: Hettich

The parallel system from Hettich takes care of the perfect synchronization in the background. A traction system with covered wire ropes provides the necessary lateral stability and smoothness.

Protected effectively against dirt or icing, the parallel system can now reliably demonstrate its special qualities: elegant smooth running and extremely quiet running performance for fresh food compartments with a wide range of installation depths.

And thanks to the pull-out function, the user has a complete overview and full access to all cooling supplies after easy opening.

It all happens: unlocking technology for fresh food compartments

For kitchen professionals who work efficiently and like to do everything in one go, Hettich naturally also has the right solution ready: with the help of the practical Quadro Compact unlocking technology on the front cap, fresh food compartments can now be completely removed from the refrigerator and carried with their contents to the kitchen workstation.

This means that all the ingredients are available right where they are needed. – And let’s go with vegetable chops! The clever release is available for the Quadro Compact FE 20 and FE40 pull-out versions.

More storage space in a duet: Quadro Compact 2 in a line

Another cool idea for kitchen planning: As an alternative to the classic refrigerator with a rotating door, pull-out trolleys can be installed directly below the kitchen worktop.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the Quadro Compact 2 in a line, even hard-to-reach storage space is optimally used for cooling supplies: when the pull-out trolley is pulled out, a second, recessed box automatically lifts upwards and the contents can be removed very easily.

Elegant finish: comfort for wine cabinets

For wine lovers, the correct storage and tempering of their fine wines is a must for optimal enjoyment.

If you don’t have a wine cellar, you can buy a wine cabinet instead.

The Quadro Compact is also used here: With its elegant, dark appearance, the smooth, smooth barrel and the optional features such as the Silent System or Stay Close, the Quadro Compact FE 20 pull-out guide is made for wine shelves. Well get it!

About Hettich

As an acknowledged brand, Hettich – Technik für Möbel has become a hallmark of excellence across the globe. Hettich was founded in 1888 and is today one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings. The company’s headquarters are in Kirchlengern at the heart of furniture cluster East Westphalia. It is the largest employer in the district.

Headquarters of Hettich in Kirchlengern. Photo: Hettich

Hettich operates on markets across the globe with its production sites, branch offices and agencies in Europe, America and Asia. Over 6,700 members of staff in almost 80 countries work together towards the objective: developing intelligent technology for furniture. With it, Hettich fascinates people across the globe and is a valuable partner to the furniture industry, retailers and the trades.

Among the products Hettich develops, manufactures and sells are drawer and runner systems, hinges as well as folding and sliding door fittings. These products provide convenient and reliable operation in millions of furniture applications across the globe, be it in homes, offices, hospitals, shops or hotels.

The company acts as a source of ideas and trendsetter – without solutions from Hettich, many design developments in furniture would simply not be possible. With its innovative products, Hettich time and again sets standards in functionality, quality and convenience in kitchen, bathroom, office, living room and bedroom furniture.

The Hettich brand stands for consistent values: for quality and innovation. For reliability and closeness to customers. Despite its size and international significance, Hettich has remained a family owned business and is now in its fourth generation.

Permanent commitment to quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety, chemical compliance and corporate social responsibility is part of the corporate culture that Hettich practises. Acknowledged seals of approval and certificates are testimony to the manufacturer’s high standard of quality and safety.

Source and photos: Hettich

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