Hettich TopLine: Perfect wardrobe, perfect day

The new TopLine sliding door system from Hettich

The new luxury generation of the TopLine sliding door system impresses in all dimensions: from fascinatingly easy opening and silky smooth running action to silent and gentle soft closing. Installation too is extremely easy and intuitive.

Enjoy comfort

With doors that would seem to float, running action is quiet and gives a feel of luxury. Silent System in opening and closing direction softly cushions the elements, very low forces make opening fascinatingly easy. The TopLine system’s running performance remains unchanged even after a prolonged period out of use. Minimum door offset makes optimum use of storage space and lets doors open widely.

Widely opening doors and minimum door offset for easy access to everything inside. Photo: Hettich

New design options
TopLine sliding door systems retreat into the background for a great look: with running and guide systems that are hardly visible. The reveal between doors weighing up to 70 kg can be perfectly aligned with the optional height adjustment capability.

Fast, tool-less clip on installation of the bottom guide with automatic height compensation Photo: Hettich

Versatile and easy

Involving no additional modification work, a consistent drilling pattern across all TopLine systems makes differentiating easy for the manufacturer. Installation too is secure and intuitive as a result of stacked runners. Clipping into place with automatic height compensation, the bottom guide is quickly fitted without the need for tools. And the Silent System is attached with just one screw.

Installing the new TopLine sliding door systems is also extremely easy and intuitive. Photo: Hettich

Source and photos: Hettich

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