Hettlock for maximum security

Electronic furniture locking systems from Hettich

When objects need to be kept safe and secure, Hettich offers numerous solutions for locking and unlocking furniture electronically: by transponder or card, keypad or smart phone. These electronic locking systems can be used in any application for hinged doors, glass cabinets, flap doors, drawers and sliding doors.

The Hettlock RFID electronic furniture locking system can be used in all sorts of applications: drawers and medicine cabinets in hospitals, glass display cabinets in shops, office furniture in businesses, lockers in sports facilities, key cabinets in companies, private letter boxes and safes in hotels are just some of the examples.

Hettlock RFID

RFID can also be used in drawers. Photo: Hettich

RFID locks working with 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz can be opened or engaged with a transponder or a card. Programming takes place directly on the lock using a programming card or a programming unit. This rugged and secure lock system can also be integrated into building services management systems.

Bluetooth and NFC

RFID locks with NFC are used in furniture for a distance of 20 mm. Photo: Hettich

In this case, the smart phone is identified by Bluetooth and NFC. Highly encrypted unlocking works without any mobile phone network and Internet connection. The free app for programming and managing the system is installed via Google Play or the Apple Store. The Bluetooth reading range with a maximum distance of ten metres is used both in furniture as well as in building management systems. RFID locks with NFC are used in furniture for short distances of 20 mm.

Hettlock keypad
The easy to use Hettlock keypad guarantees fast programming without additional equipment. The lock can be opened with a transponder or a code and provides a high standard of security. The system can also be combined with RFID 125 kHz.

Source and photos: Hettich

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