High-tech for furniture flaps

Light-weight Free flap H 1.5: High-tech for furniture flaps

With its new Free flap H 1.5 Häfele has taken the trending popularity of flap fittings for kitchen wall units to another level entirely. The highly economical Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting features an innovative material mix in which high-tech, efficient installation and attractive design blend as a successful symbiosis.

The fittings developed and produced according to German standards at our own production plant in Hungary are characterised by the ultimate ease of use and functionality. Under testing, they were subjected to twice the standard requirement of 80,000 cycles. These are first-class flap fittings of flawless quality that have already passed the test of practical application in the furniture industry.

Slimmer, lighter, simpler – those were the specifications on the basis of which the Free flap fittings were developed. Their modular design makes them especially suited for flexible installation, whilst covering all of the common types of opening for diverse applications with products ranging from the Free flap stay flap fitting, the Free fold double flap lift-up fitting, the Free up lift up front fitting to the Free swing lift up flap fitting. Thanks to their slim design and low profile on the interior of the cabinet, they operate as unobtrusively as possible.

Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting

The light-weight Free flap H 1.5, with a material mix consisting of a steel arm and plastic body, is the youngest offspring in the Free flap family. Photo: Häfele

Proven in practical installation applications since the spring, the new Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting is a lightweight only on the scales. In terms of appearance it resembles the multiple award-winning Free line of design. And although the ultra-light and elegant flap fitting weighs around two thirds less than its siblings, it is every bit their equal in terms of quality and technology. If anything, its plastic construction offers cost advantages and it allows installation in environments with high humidity.

Free flap H 1.5 has a load bearing capacity of up to max. 5.5 kg for applications on one side and a cabinet height of 400 mm and 11.0 kg for applications on both sides. This means that the flap fitting is suitable for installation in all the standard wall unit lines both with front panels with handles or with push-to-open applications. Opening the unit is achieved with an integrated power-assisted spring package. The new fitting can be adjusted precisely to the multi-stop function so that the flap locks in any position and is always easily accessible to the user. The soft closing mechanism operates optionally via concealed hinges with soft closing mechanism or via additional surface mounted parts. Thanks to its clip-on installation, Free flap H 1.5 can be installed quickly and easily without tools.

The new fitting is particularly attractive for series manufacturers with a large production volume and for furniture solutions with an excellent price/performance/quality ratio. This is borne out by the fact that it has already been successfully used in the industry. Purchasers of RTA furniture also profit from the rapid self-installation where fine adjustments can be made in a flash.

Thanks to the front panels that are clipped on without tools, pre-fixed plugs in the base plate, pre-mounted Euro screws and other quick-fixing systems, the remainder of the Free flap fittings can also be installed in an efficient and time-saving manner. All feature an integrated soft closing system for easy and soft closing. This system works both in the opening as well as the closing direction with the Free fold, Free up and Free swing fittings. Moreover, the uniformity of design for many of the components as well as easily accessible, simple-to-adjust eccentrics are additional sound arguments for their use.

The Free flap fittings can be used in all phases of furniture manufacturing and will add to the furniture item’s value due to their functionality and optical appeal.

Source and pictures: Häfele

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