Impressive double: Tiomos Mirro and Tiomos M9

HÖCHST (A). Once again, the product developers of the German-Austrian brand manufacturer GRASS demonstrate their ability to anticipate trends with two new additions to the Tiomos range. Both of these movement innovations give particularly demanding door applications the unique high-tech functionality of Tiomos.

Our world is becoming more transparent. And that certainly applies to our living spaces. Lightness is the future, the demand is for increasingly slender surfaces, materials such as glass which radiate contemporary effortlessness and harmonise with any style of décor.

With their feel for the design trends of tomorrow, the product developers from GRASS now present Tiomos Mirro and Tiomos M9: two versions of the unique hinge system Tiomos for glass and mirror glass doors as well as for wooden doors with slender proportions or mitred application on all four sides. Ambitious door applications where the unparalleled strengths of the Tiomos hinge can come into their own.

Three years ago, the hinge system of the future conquered kitchen and living spaces worldwide with a maximum of functionality and stability. For its outstanding logic of detail, Tiomos immediately won an honourable mention in the Red Dot Award 2010. The jury was thoroughly impressed amongst others by the sophisticated inner workings of the hinge arm which is outwardly puristic in design. This element conceals the integrated damping technology that allows tool-free adjustment as well as offering physically optimised kinematics which enable furniture doors to be opened with exceptional ease.

A system of the future – two new front connectors

Grass Tiomos Mirro. Photo: Grass

This premium comfort from GRASS, an indispensable component of aspirational furniture design, is also the striking feature of the latest two versions: Tiomos Mirro and Tiomos M9. Developer and product manager Tarek Utturkar explains: “Within the Tiomos range, we have created genuine milestones for special design solutions with the two front connectors. This enables Tiomos to meet the toughest challenges in modern bathroom and living spaces.”

Tiomos Mirro for mirror and glass doors

Grass Tiomos Mirro. Photo: Grass

In the front connection for top-class mirror and glass doors, GRASS has accomplished an elegant solution with Tiomos Mirro. The hinge system is fixed to a stainless steel adapter on the door using an eccentric screw. That means no drilling of the glass. The hinge arm can also be fitted to existing self-adhesive adapters without any problem.

Unique: Soft-close damping inside

Grass Tiomos M9. Photo: Grass

Alongside the well-engineered fixing technology that ensures a firm seating while retaining an impression of lightness and airiness on slender glass surfaces, Tiomos Mirro now also enables the use of the proven, fully integrated Soft-close damping for the finest glass and mirror doors. The entire damping technology is concealed inside the hinge. Consequently, the hinge is outwardly identical – either with or without Soft-close damping. A clear statement in favour of furniture design with no compromises and a unique option which emphasises the transparent character of home furniture as well as reducing wear and tear on the material.

“Glass gives clarity and transparency to the space. This is something which is harmoniously reflected in the top technology of Tiomos Mirro,” says Tarek Utturkar, commenting on the new development. In other words: opening and closing become fluid movements, barely discernible and particularly gentle on fragile material.

Slender materials are its strong point: Tiomos M9

Sensitivity and strength are also united in Tiomos M9. Specially conceived for use with very slender furniture doors and mitred application on all four sides, Tiomos M9 features an extremely shallow hinge cup. Even with a front thickness of just 10 millimetres, the unique hinge system remains solidly seated in any position.

High-tech functionality in modern furniture design

Despite the fact that each of the two new GRASS products is designed for a highly specific use, both offer the unrivalled Tiomos comfort. That includes not only the three-dimensional adjusting facility and stepless height adjustment, but above all the ingenious kinematics which ensure that furniture doors open with unprecedented ease. Designers of lifestyle furniture around the world are inspired by the perfect alignment with minimum gaps. With Tiomos Mirro and Tiomos M9, they can enjoy even greater creative scope for crafting the lightness of the future.

Source and photos: GRASS

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