Individual style behind the fronts: Kesseböhmer now offers „Edition“ versions for base units and wall units

Major drivers of Kesseböhmer’s 2017 Interzum stand are individual choice and brand differentiation. The expanded Edition range of décor elements is part of this focus. Edition gives kitchen manufacturers the option of transforming not only a “Dispensa” larder unit, but now also an “iMove” wall unit from standard fittings to customized pieces of well-designed furniture. “Edition” elements can be harmonized with the rest of the kitchen and with adjacent living areas. They can also be chosen to reinforce the brand image.

The new “Arena pure” tray, another successful mix of wood and metal, harmonizes perfectly with the “Edition” concept. “Arena pure” trays continue the emphasis on contemporary design and the added value of fine design behind the fronts. The puristic tray design has flat metal sides accentuated only by a narrow groove around the base. The “Arena pure” tray is a brilliant match for the new minimalist drawer box designs. It is available in all Kesseböhmer surface finishes. Like all “Arena” trays, the “Arena pure” has an impressively high load capacity thanks to the method of bonding the side railing with the wooden bottom panel.

Kesseböhmer iMove edition. Photo: Kesseböhmer

In upgrading its “Edition” concept, Kesseböhmer put a high priority on radically simplifying assembly and handling during production. The “Edition” package consists of a standard Kesseböhmer pull-out fitting and an “Edition” set containing the necessary metal components. Kitchen manufacturers then add their choice of wooden cladding panels to fit their product strategy and brand image.

Assembly effort cut by 68%

Kesseböhmer iMove edition. Photo: Kesseböhmer

In the new “Dispensa edition” version of Kesseböhmer’s larder pull-out, only the back of the pull-out frame is now wood clad. The view into an open “Dispensa”, or the carcase of the unit, is of an elegantly smooth surface with the subtle grain of real wood instead of technical details. With this simplification and a sharp reduction in the component count, Kesseböhmer has successfully cut assembly time for the “Dispensa” pull-out by 68%. The option of assembling a “Dispensa” horizontally also helps to simplify assembly.

The charm of wood in wall units

Kesseböhmer Dispensa Junior III edition. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Launching the new “iMove edition” at the Interzum, Kesseböhmer is showcasing a striking design idea for wall units. Once again, the focus is on wood, harmonized in type and colour with the kitchen design and with the overall ambience behind the fronts.

Kesseböhmer Dispensa edition. Photo: Kesseböhmer

The basis for the “iMove edition” is the standard component set for the fitting. The bottom tray and its back wall are now in an exclusive wood look, closely attuned to Rockenhausen’s natural oak colour. The rounded front edge also helps to align the style with a piece of furniture rather than a purely technical kitchen fitting. Industry customers have the extra option of customizing the bottom tray and back panel with their choice of wood or décor.

Kesseböhmer iMove edition. Photo: Kesseböhmer

A dress cover conceals the pull-down mechanism at each end of the bottom shelf. This takes the fitting yet another step on the way towards furniture and away from mere technology. Kesseböhmer supplies the “iMove edition” fitting fully assembled, including the wooden components, as a single or double tray version in all standard Kesseböhmer colours and in 500, 600, 800 and 900 mm widths.

Kesseböhmer Dispensa edition. Photo: Kesseböhmer

Source: Kesseböhmer

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