InnoTech and ArciTech

Drawer systems from Hettich with platform concept

The efficient platform concept behind the InnoTech and ArciTech double-walled drawer systems guarantees lean production while minimising the cost and effort involved in manufacturing, stock-keeping and logistics. They also impress with their technology: straightforward installation and adjustment as well as cleverly devised assembly aids.

Although InnoTech and ArciTech are mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom, they are also sparking more and more interest among living-room and bedroom furniture manufacturers. With consumer wishes being so varied, manufacturers are keen to give their furniture marks of distinction. With InnoTech and ArciTech to offer, Hettich has the right drawer system for every taste, every consumer wish and every quality segment.


InnoTech interior organisation for bathroom drawers – immediately showing where everything is. Photo: Hettich

The InnoTech drawer system has proven to be a great success on all of the world’s markets. Its platform concept provides a costeffective way of giving a distinctive identity to drawers and pullouts of every kind. The use of different runners, from the partial extension runner without soft closing to the full extension version with Silent System or Push to open, as well as various design elements make it possible to ring the changes in function and design on the basis of one drawer side profile. InnoTech also leaves consumers wanting for nothing in terms of interior organisation because it has just the right solution for any application and practical need. The InnoTech partial extension runner is also the gateway to double-walled drawer systems with the option of upgrading to full extension.


The ArciTech platform concept provides a cost-effective way of making a mark of distinction. Photo: Hettich

An ArciTech drawer is distinguished by its incredibly smooth running action and exceptional stability. The Actro runner’s prism principle gives it impressively smooth, even performance. Catering to loading categories of 40, 60 and 80 kg, ArciTech can cope with any demand. The broad product line-up based on a single platform provides two side profile heights in silver, white, anthracite and stainless steel as well as six rear-panel heights. For the high end segment, the range comes with the option of a 126 mm side profile height with DesignSide in glass or TopSide and rear-panel height of 250 mm.

Source and photos: Hettich

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