Installation options: BLANCO sinks with the attractive flat rim

Elegant in looks, practical in daily life

In addition to the most common solution, the inset sink with the classic profiled rim, the laid-on installation is becoming increasingly popular. Designed to match contemporary kitchen design, which is notable for its clear lines and smoothest possible transitions, Blanco offers the most comprehensive range of sinks with the attractive, ultra flat IF rim. For example: Blanco Claron 550-IF from the manufacturer’s exclusive high-tech SteelArt manufacturing facility. Photo: Blanco

Let’s fact it, who pays much attention to the rim when buying a sink? Although most of the work in the kitchen is carried out at the sink, the decision to buy is usually based on the material, features and overall shape. And yet so many of the practical and optical features are hidden in the details. The method of installation is also important. The Blanco product programme offers six different installation solutions and lots of freedom for individual kitchen plans.

Undermount sinks and bowls, for instance, are usually planned in combination with elegant stone worktops. Aesthetically and optically, flush mount installation is the most elegant solution for the highest standards. In this case, the sink is mounted flush with the worktop, which requires maximum precision of the cut-out.

Versatile: sinks with the ultra flat IF rim can be installed flush mount and laid-on from above. Advantage when installing from above: the sink looks flush mount, yet requires only a conventional cut-out in the worktop, such as the Blanco Andano double bowl, seen here in combination with the Blanco Felisa mixer tap. Photo: Blanco

The most frequent solution is laid-on from above. These inset sinks usually have a raised profile rim. There is now a functional and attractive alternative to this previously common rim: the ultra flat IF rim. Designed to match the contemporary design language in the kitchen, which is notable for its clear lines and smoothest possible transitions, Blanco offers the most comprehensive range of sinks with this modern flat rim.

The rim, which is now only about one millimetre high, offers tremendous potential: it makes the sink look extremely elegant, since it creates an extremely smooth effect – a strong argument for sink buyers who want a flushmount result but are less keen on the higher level of effort and expense. Laid-on installation requires only a conventional sink cut-out. And there is a further advantage: while the classic flush mount sinks are fitted mainly in natural or imitation stone worktops, IF sinks are ideal for fitting in laminate or wood. This offers more flexibility both when choosing worktops and with regard to price.

Depending on the kitchen design and budget, there is a tremendous range of multi-functional, beautifully shaped sinks, single and double bowls for all base unit sizes from 40 to 90 cm. As different as the models are, they all share the same elegant, flush-looking IF rim: for instance, with the extensive Blanco Andano bowl line, which comes with lots of useful accessories, or the exclusive designer bowl Blanco Claron 550-IF from the high-tech SteelArt manufacturing facility.

There is one other technical sophistication concerning the Blanco IF sinks to mention: they can be installed from above as lay-on sinks or absolutely flush mount – another flexibility that benefits both kitchen planners and building clients.

Source: Blanco

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