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SmarTray pencil tray system

Modular and compact, the talented SmarTray organiser from Hettich is just as much at home below the desk top as it is in any cabinet. In the lockable version made of steel, SmarTray is the ideal place to keep valuables or confidential matter. SmarTray in plastic is practical for items that need to be in easy reach.

SmarTray impresses with its high quality material and finish as well as user friendly features, such as Push to open or self closing with Silent System. Numerous design options in terms of housing colours and heights as well as a choice of steel or plastic make it suitable for all sorts of different uses. Taking up little space, the added value is all the greater.

SmarTray Steel

SmarTray fits under any desk top. Particularly practical: vent and cable entry for securely recharging electrical devices. Photo: Hettich

The housing of SmarTray Steel can be integrated below the desk top or in a cabinet. SmarTray Steel is available in modern white or classy anthracite, 50 mm or 75 mm high, with or without cassette. Mounted on Quadro full extension runners with Silent System, the pencil tray can be pulled open all the way, making it very easy to keep large items, like notebooks. SmarTray comes with cable entries for securely recharging electronic devices.

SmarTray Plastic

Several SmarTrays can be fitted one above the other for storing lots of items. Here in the version made of plastic. Photo: Hettich

The pencil tray in high quality plastic is available in the three housing colours of white, black and aluminium look as well as in heights of 40 mm and 60 mm. The Quadro partial extension runner comes with a practical self closing feature and is also available with Silent System or Push to open.

Source and photos: Hettich

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